All About the Love Languages of Roses

All About the Love Languages of Roses

The Love Languages Flower Essence Collection features roses from the Resonance Apothecary garden, with different colors holding their own unique vibrations of the mystical rose. One of the best allies for the heart is rose. As we open our hearts to love of all kinds, the rose Devas made us aware that each rose color represents a different vibration of love. Every color has a unique energy signature based on these vast divine languages of love to be explored and embodied. 
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Divine Love Languages - The Mystical Rose Flower Essence Collection

At Resonance Apothecary, we’ve been given the opportunity to steward and bring to fruition the medicine of the mystical rose with our new Love Languages Flower Essence Collection. This collection features roses from the Resonance Garden, with each of the different rose cultivars and colors holding a unique vibrational medicine. The rose Devas made us aware that each rose color represents a different vibration of love. These rose essences carry frequencies of the various divine love languages. They hold the vibrational imprint of the rose’s unique life force expression and activate specific healing qualities within the heart chakra. 

“It’s the time that you spent on your rose that makes your rose so important…People have forgotten this truth, but you mustn’t forget it. You become responsible forever for what you’ve tamed. You’re responsible for your rose.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Rose Medicine

It has been said that Eros, the god of love, named the rose “The Queen of Flowers” due to their beautiful looks, pleasant smell and mesmerizing form. The rose has been revered the world over for its natural beauty, intoxicating scent, symbolic value, and cultural importance. Roses have been used for millennia for beauty, pleasure, in food and healing, in rituals and more. The Rose is a powerful symbol of love, courage, adoration, purity, sisterhood and the goddess. The common thread is feminine energy. 

Rose purifies the heart and cleanses false or distorted thought forms of love that attached themselves to us. Simultaneously, it prompts us to open our hearts and to let love in. The vibrational medicine of roses nourish our emotional body. When we are feeling indifferent and disconnected, they gently remind us of our joy for life again. It assists us with operating through our hearts desires and away from any distractions that keep us from embodiment. It encourages vitality to flow and revives our internal devotion for life. 

They help us to create a well of unconditional love from within our own hearts so that we are constantly nurturing ourselves and continue to blossom and bloom. The thorns offer protection, showing us how to cherish what is sacred and beautiful. They show us how to create and maintain supportive boundaries as we face the inevitable challenges life puts in our path. 

The energy of roses has a specific vibration that is unique and different from other flowers, they have the honor of holding the highest vibration. It is claimed that roses vibrate at a frequency of 320 MHz., higher than any other plant or gemstone on the planet.  When we stop and smell the roses, we are quite literally raising our vibration. 

This vibration is so powerful that it has expanded and evolved beyond a single rose variation. There are over three hundred species and tens of thousands of cultivars, it  is believed that currently there are around 30,000 varieties of roses worldwide, but it is impossible to count all of them. 

Blessed by sunlight and vibrationally charged water, each Rose Essence in the Love Languages Collection has an energetic signature and bluprint that can support us to embody our well-being in specific ways. Each rose varietal has something unique to say and help us with. 

Love is in the air. 

As we open our hearts to love of all kinds with this notorious heart healer, we encourage you to resonate with the color of love that your heart is asking for. Let the color(s) pick you. 

Bright Light:  Fortifies emotional vitality. Giving us the strength to express our love and find a bright light in the darkest of nights.
Divine Union Represents the coming together of true love and freedom.
Magenta: Supports in experiencing interdependent love and holding space for levity in intimate relationships. 
Tender Rose: Represents a particular frequency of love that is distinct in tenderness, innocence and rare beauty. It can be associated with the feeling of being kissed by an Angel or touched by some celestial sweetness. It has the quality of feeling at home.


The standard dosage is four drops, four times daily. You may mix these drops in a glass of water to sip throughout the day, add them to a bath ritual or to enhance homemade misting sprays. They are gentle and safe for children and pets, and even to add to plants. If you are pregnant, we recommend speaking to a doctor or practitioner before you decide to include Flower Essences or Remedies into your regimen. 

That said, there are many ways to work with Rose Flower Essences! When it comes to flower healing you can take the essences internally in tea, in aura sprays or spiritual baths, plus they can also be used in tapping (EFT), as a support with therapy or massaged into the heart or the back of the heart.

Having an awareness and bringing conscious intention to the use of your particular blend of rose flower essences will help you recognize the subtle benefits they offer. The roses can hold your hand in opening new neural pathways and opening up as a conduit of love. 

Rose flower essences are subtle, gentle and non habit forming.

Who are they good for?

Vibrational medicine is great for anyone; and it is particularly helpful for sensitives who tend to feel things more deeply.  

Rose is a beautiful medicine for exploring the many meanings of love. Like flowers themselves, there is a different rose for different emotional states of being, mood, feeling or mindset. Roses are revered by many cultures as a holistic healer that helps to repair wounds and traumas of the mind, body and spirit.

Many also believe it can relieve heartache, depression, anxiety and psycho-spiritual imbalances. 


Spring water, organic biodynamic brandy, vibrational imprint of roses.


🌹 The rose is an enduring symbol of universal and unconditional love. It has been used by and adored by kings and queens, religious leaders, healers, and the general public for millenia. 

The story of this amazing flower goes back millions of years, with fossils dating from at least 2 million ago. They were mentioned in Confucian, Buddhist, and early Christian religious texts as well. Circa 500 BC, Confucius wrote about roses which grew in the Imperial Gardens. It is also known that the Egyptian queen Cleopatra gave the rose a great importance and used its aroma to seduce Caesar and Mark Antony. 

In ancient Mediterranean cultures roses were symbols of beauty, religious devotion, erotic desire, and luxury. They were used in incense and aphrodisiacs, garlands and perfumes, wines and food. They were also an important medicinal ingredient. 

Roses had a special place in Greek mythology. According to ancient legend, roses were created by Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love. They grew from her tears and the blood of her lover – Adonis. Cleopatra VII, probably inspired by the mythical origins of roses, used their petals during public appearances. 

Legend has it that Aphrodite was adopted by the Romans, who used to call the goddess of love Venus. Romans made this flower a symbol of beauty and love. It was an attribute to Cupid as well. In Roman mythology, the son of Venus (Cupid, Eros in Greece) was stung by a bee when he was shooting arrows into a garden full of roses.  When Venus was walking in the garden, she pricked her foot on a thorn left by her son. It turned the roses red. During the domination of the Roman Empire, roses were also a symbol of vanity. Roman Emperors used to dump tons of rose petals on their dinner guests.

In medieval times, roses became a symbol of power. In 15th century England two powerful houses each used roses as their emblem (Red for Lancaster and white for York) and their battle for control became known as The Wars of the Roses.

In modern day Berkeley, California, we are tapping into a more etheric and energetic space with the roses. Some of the frequencies that we have found in the Resonance Apothecary Love Languages Collection speak to the range and broad spectrum of what Love truly means: romance, connection to source, true power, beauty, friendship, devotion, passion, intimacy, unconditional divine love, tenderness, innocence, boundaries, sovereignty, freedom, emotional fortification, vitality, mysticism, softness, energy, creation and creativity, fertility, purity, heart opening, angelic energy and more. If you pick up on other frequencies, please share with us at:

Making of the Essences

At Resonance Apothecary, the ritual of growing and tending the flowers is part of the medicine. All of our roses were lovingly cultivated and grown in the Resonance Garden and used for essence creation at peak times of the rose’s bloom. We work in harmony with the timing of the flowers so our essences have the highest vibrational frequency.

Using the direct method, once permission has been granted by the flower, the freshly picked flowers are placed in a bowl of spring water and infused in direct sunlight, creating what we call a mother essence. When the mother essence has been made, it is preserved with locally sourced biodynamic Brandy. 

Rose Flower Essences and Remedies - What’s the difference?

Flower essences carry the vibrational imprint of a single flower. Remedies are a combination of several essences (rose, flower, and/or gemstone).

Resonance Apothecary custom Rose Collection Remedies are carefully designed blends of several flower essences and/or gemstone essences and blessed water. The blend of essences help support the needs of general or universal situations. You can create a custom remedy, picking up to 6 individual essences of your choosing, to support your individual needs through a specific time period or experience. For Rose Collection custom remedies we suggest adding Gold for the added frequency of confidence and self-esteem to support your Rose Love Languages journey.

More ways to work with your flowers

To enhance the experience of working with a specific rose, you can bring them into your home to work with them, grow them in your garden or you can also just connect with the devas of any particular flower you want to work with for healing. 

Some of our vibrational medicine team members use a photo of the particular flower they are working with as a screensaver and wallpaper on their phone to visually imprint the energy of the flower into their daily life. There are so many ways to connect with the plant world. When we deepen our connection and appreciation with the plants, it gives back to them as well, creating a cycle of support. 

Storing and Shelf Life

Vibrational essences, when stored and maintained properly, can have a shelf life of 3+ years or longer. To extend the viability of the product, be sure to properly seal the bottle and do not touch droppers to your mouth or other surfaces. This helps prevent contamination. 

Find our complete catalog of the Rose Collection essences, gemstone essences, flower essences, flower remedies, teas, holy waters, spiritual oils and spiritual baths online at Resonance Apothecary.

A gentle reminder that this is lifestyle information, not medical advice.

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