Essences are composed of the vibrational imprint of plants.


Flower Essences are composed of the vibrational imprint of plants. They carry the flower's unique life force expression and activate specific healing qualities within the human energy fields of the body. Essences are herbal infusions of flower medicine, blessed by sunlight and vibrationally charged water. Each flower has an energy signature that can support us to embody our well-being.

Floral medicine helps regulate our nervous system and deepen the connection to our energy field. These essences can be used to self-regulate, supporting our emotions into balance and harmony while healing the subtle body. Flower essences remind us that consistency of the relationship to the medicine, in small amounts, is what activates our emotional shift.

Instructions: The standard dosage is four drops, four times daily. You may mix these drops in a glass of water to sip throughout the day, add them to a bath ritual or to enhance homemade misting sprays.

Ingredients: Spring water, Brandy, Flower essences.


Hear the angels call to return home. Supports connection to the angelic realm.

Helping us to navigate the father would and other masculine relationships, the Baby Blue Eyes flower essence teaches us to forgive the lack of emotional support from the masculine figures in our lives.

Supporting us as we turn inward to the shadow aspect of self, the Black-eyed Susan flower essence encourages us to see beyond projects and to go deep within ourselves to release energies that are not self-serving.

A nourishing plant kin that supports us after a traumatic experience. Provides understanding and nourishment after a tense period. 

As the heart pumps blood and the breath breathes, this flower remedy mends and restores balance where there is sadness, helping you live and love with your whole heart, unconditionally.

An ally for those who have the tendency to repress emotions. The more we can release the backlog of emotions, the more our intuition can sharpen to what and who is not good for us.

Bring harmony and integration to embrace the equal union within of Feminine and Masculine energies. 

A flower of courage and emotional fortification, Borage provides alleviation to emotional heaviness offering illumination when our hearts feel heavy.

Fortifies emotional vitality. Giving us the strength to express our love and find a bright light in the darkest of nights.

A plant ally of relational and clear communication, calendula flower essence provides a warming and energetic signature that is useful for receptivity, openness of communication in relationships.

Offering spiritual and creative support, California Poppy flower essence helps us to feel more joyful and grounded. This flower encourages us to break patterns of feeling powerless, hopeless, and overwhelmed.

Teaches love for the earth and enthusiasm for being of service. As the rose buds unfold during its bloom, it experiences rhythmic contractions that expand its energy. 

Calla Lily flower essence promotes balance of one's sexual and spiritual nature by encouraging integration of masculine and feminine energies.

Opening and balancing the heart chakra, Camellia flower essence aids in releasing shame and guilt while allowing our heart chakra to develop and flourish.

Cerato flower essences encourages us to trust ourselves and to break patterns of doubt and uncertainty.

Helps to ease nerves and tension while gently supporting emotional regulation.

Chaparral Flower Essence

Chrysanthemum Flower Essence

Offers vision and clarity while helping us to root ourselves in our highest destiny timeline. Assisting with psychic attunement this flower supports envisioning next steps in times of transition.

Clematis flower essence is a grounding plant ally for dreamers. Clematis teaches us that the danger is not in being sufficiently anchored in present reality to make dreams happen.

From the Latin word for “dove”. This ally brings a sense of inner peace during significant life changes. Particularly useful for those who tend to question their calling because of past trauma. It aligns you with your destiny and highest purpose.

Inspirational love that comes in like a lightning bolt. Awakens the sacral and solar plexus energy centers and supports them breathing life into creative projects.

A flower for grounding and embodiment. Supportive for coming back down to Earth after engaging with spiritual practices that encourage transcendence. It is an ally for integration, assimilation and presence through witnessing all of life as sacred. 

A remedy for coherent thought and communication, the Cosmos flower essence helps us to channel our truth with precision.

Offers support for overcoming perfectionism, overly self-consciousness, and obsessiveness. This flower encourages us to feel more confident while releasing the need to be flawless.

For becoming close to God again after a crisis and for gently assimilating new gifts, abilities and memories that just became activated. It's supportive for clearing old fears, worries and doubt from the back solar plexus.

Offering emotional resilience support, Dahlia flower essence helps us to navigate distressing circumstances, reminding us to keep our head up in times of uncertainty.

Increases our ability to tap into pleasure and joy, to lift our mood and focus and to infuse more enjoyment into any are of our life where we have been imbalanced or distracted by stress.



Represents the coming together of true love and freedom.

The flower essence for upgrading the nervous system so you can safely accommodate higher frequencies coming onto the planet, while still staying grounded in the body snd connected to Earth. Allowing more of your soul essence to incarnate.

Echinacea helps us to maintain our core immunity and integrity despite external stress and disruptions.

Teaches us to be seen as we truly are. Primrose brings forth awareness and healing of bruised emotions, incarnational wounds, and imprints absorbed from childhood.

A gentle calming flower, especially supportive for cultivating a sense of serenity and inner stillness that supports adaptation and flexibility in times of transition.

Flexibly tune into the flow with Fig, as this essence gives you the momentum to move forward with life while setting appropriate boundaries and giving yourself the freedom to be at ease.

Also known a the Rose of Jericho. It’s considered to be a resurrection plant and is nearly impossible to kill because it perfectly adapts to its environment. In this same way the Flower of Maryam can support us. 

Breaking the pattern of abandoning a connection to your intuition for a connection with someone else. 

Assists with grounding ourselves during times of intense emotions. When we accept that we can no longer control and neglect our emotions. Fuchsia offers us the vitality to be balanced between our emotions and intellect. Fuchsia empowers us to create a space of deep rooted groundedness while we transmute these intense energies and rebirth the genuine emotional vitality within ourselves. 

Supports in repelling energetic parasites and severing connections that may be extractive or unbalanced.

Offers emotional alchemy support. This flower is known for assisting flow states and helping to channel repressed anger into compassion, creativity and harmonization.

Helps you find your backbone by fortifying presence through your spine, central channel and all of your chakras. This alignment is required for sovereignty, individuality and living your own truth, despite circumstances and external pressure to conform. 

Golden Yarrow flower essence is particularly supportive for highly sensitive people who want to maintain social engagement without overstimulation.

Supports us in finding clarity and allowing our creative vitality to come to life. Helps to guide us out of despair and into self-confidence. 

Take a centered stand as High Priestess during periods of transformation. This potent essence aids in releasing outdated beliefs, blooming wisdom from grief, and eases past pain held within your heart chakra as you approach your greatest fears.

Hummingbird Trumpet flower essence calls us to our spiritual transformation and rebirth. When we lack vitality, or feel unable to communicate clearly, this flower is a great companion for internal transformation, guiding us to blossom our divine inner confidence. 

Helps us make space for inner peace through self compassion and responsibility. Hyssop is an essence for transforming deeply rooted emotional imprints.

Teaches us to flow harmoniously in trust of life’s rhythms. When we’re prone to impatience and resulting inner tension, this essence works to enhance our focus, composure and faith in the unfolding of the process.

Encourages the release of creative blocks. This flower essence helps us to tap into inspiration, soulfulness and self-exploration.

Has the power to make the unconscious, conscious. Jasmine moves stagnant and outdated patterns of being into awareness allowing us to identify and release these emotional and energetic hooks with intentionality.


Supports us as we protect our personal energy from physical and ethereal realms. This flower helps us to be non-reactive and stable in our emotional experiences.

Helps to cultivate confidence and charisma in one’s leadership. This flower is an aid for deepening one’s integrity, inspiration and embodied leadership in service to community. 

Encourages spiritual sensitivity and highly refined awareness. This plant ally offers a grounding, soothing presence in times when we feel overwhelmed and scattered.

Lehua Flower Essence

A remedy for when you feel hopeless about love because past painful experiences of betrayal, lies, heartbreak have left you feel shattered. 

Supports in experiencing interdependent love and holding space for levity in intimate relationships.

Supports finding yourself within intimate relationships. It allows for feminine energy to safely receive while opening up the back of the heart. It aids in keeping our relationship to self current, titrating the communion to be in our own energy.

Essence for opening the heart to Divine love, inner wisdom and to be able to hear your angels better.

Remedies shyness and social isolation. This flower helps us to dissolve unhelpful social barriers, encouraging warm engagement in relationships.

Manzanita Flower Essence

A reverent flower that connects us to our ancestors and loved ones on the other side. It teaches us to shine our light and works with our sacral chakra.

Known for increasing one’s ability to listen deeply to ourselves and others. This flower helps us to close out old patterns of relationship and to learn how to be our most authentic selves in community.

Known as The Highly Sensitive plant, also known as shameplant. A supportive ally to have as a highly sensitive, especially while traveling. This flower essence supports knowing the appropriate response to the outside environment which is the work of subtle attunement.

Providing emotional courage, helps us to overcome fear and embarrassment in intimate relationships. This flower strengthens our ability to step fully into ourselves and relationships with emotional transparency and resilience.

Morning Glory flowers unfurl their petals into full bloom in the early morning, this flower essence rejuvenates our spirit by finding guidance from within. This flower essence teaches us to shift away from patterns of imbalance that leave us feeling depleted. Morning Glory allows us to feel revitalized and in tune with nature's life rhythms.

Purifies desires while clearing a blocked or unaligned root and throat chakra, and brings out the inner power to speak up for what one believes and needs. 

A strong ally for shining your light brighter, standing tall in the face of adversity and climbing to higher heights. It supports with being your authentic self even while surrounded by falseness. Teaches you how to be a candle to show others the way by strengthening your connection to divine light.

Supportive for those who must be in the spotlight but are naturally introverted, withdrawn, sensitive, or not interested in fitting in.

Offers a remedy for greater vitality in one’s daily routine. This essence helps us to enliven ourselves and break out of habitual patterns that are keeping us stuck.

Nettle Flower Essence

A wonderful support for cultivating inner peace. This flower helps us to embody equanimity through deepened connection to the rhythms of the earth. 

Supports rest and renewal -- a great ally when we are looking to slow down.

Teaches us playfulness and self-expression. This flower supports feelings of vibrance, liveliness, and pleasure. 

Enhances clairvoyance and connection to our inner wisdom. This flower essence offers support for connecting with one’s own inner sanctuary and guidance. 

Supports those that are sensitive, feel like they don’t belong or fit in, and have experienced wounding of the heart. 

A remedy for divine appointments. This flower helps us to align with our destiny through our relations, supporting us to recognize and come into community with our spiritual kin. Provides release from codependent tendencies. 

Promotes feelings of safety and gentleness, allowing us to show up in our relationships and lives with a sense of ease and strength. 

This ally represents the ability we have to transform our relationship dynamics through gentleness, kindness and love rather than conflict. Specifically it releases strategies such as people pleasing, codependency, enmeshing or matching energy.

Offers deeper relations with the mysticism of pure love and gentleness. Tunes us into the vibration of sweet, cherishing and a love that is full of grace.

Teaches us to have courageous hearts and to lean in closer to our uncomfortable feelings so we may explore the roots of our shame, guilt, and unworthiness. This flower essence encourages us to allow our spirit to connect deeper with our mind and our body to create stability and strength in showing up for ourselves.

Encourages us to trust our inner guidance and move through this lifetime with a true embodiment of beauty. This flower offers support in reconnecting with our expressive and sensual energies.

Assists us with creating and maintaining appropriate emotional boundaries. This flower is an aid for those who tend to lose themselves in relationships, a great remedy for encouraging deepened capacity for confidence in one’s self and fortification of one’s auric field.

Encourages us to break free from feeling victimized or paralyzed and trust in our inner clarity. This flower offers authentic optimism and shows us that we are in control of re-writing our story.

Supports us in balancing our divine feminine energy specifically in our crone stage of life. An ally for cleansing and creativity.

A wonderful remedy for reclaiming personal power. Reclaiming power means recognizing that we always have power, the power to choose. Even if we can't choose an outcome or our preferred circumstances we can always choose how we think, feel, respond.


Encourages connection with our spiritual bodies and helps us to lean into higher states of awareness that we are being asked to experience. Opens the crown chakra to understanding, peace, and compassion within ourselves creating space for soulful self-understanding.

Supports us with integrating psychic abilities, insight, and vision. Offering unifying energy, this flower essence teaches us to balance physical senses and soul consciousness while helping us to avoid psychic projection. 

Queen of Sheba Trumpet Flower promotes effortless communication and the ability to speak freely and honestly about one’s self. This flower encourages a liberating and empowered voice.

For times of mass hysteria. It’s helpful when there is too much psychic infection happening from the collective panic. It’s allows you to stay self aware and steady in moments of crisis. 

Empowers us to reconnect with our sensuality and freedom of expression by seeing ourselves as the ultimate home and ultimate source of creativity. This Hawaiian-grown flower essence unlocks the root chakra and invites spiritual and sexual energy to flourish. 

Nourish Your emotional body. When we are feeling indifferent and disconnected, rose essence gently reminds us of our joy for life again. It assists us with operating through our hearts desires and away from any distractions that keep us from embodiment. It encourages vitality to flow and revives our internal devotion for life. 

Restores intuition and purity of the heart. Bringing in a grounded sense of joy and play.

Allows one to show up fully in their physical presence, offering individuals the opportunity to embody warmth and passion for life. Nourishes feelings of exhaustion and overwhelm by promoting resilience rooted in self-worth and excitement for all that has yet to come.

Encourages cohesion and containment on the energetic and emotional planes by igniting aspects of our consciousness that are being asked to develop within our soul contract. 

An aid to sensitives in need of support carrying the light, a significant herb of the sun, granting solar strength and protection through the night or periods of darkness in one’s life.

Assists with soul embodiment. As an essence this flower helps us to de-program ourselves from negative psychic influences. 

A relaxation ally. It helps to heal and nurture ourselves with gentleness after physical shock, trauma or injury. It soothes the mind and allows it to move aside so the body’s innate wisdom can flow more efficiently.

Provides resolve in decision making. Aids in experiencing wholeness and making choices aligned with the Self. 


A beautiful remedy for doing all types of healing work. It awakens the inner healer so you may heal yourself. It helps you turn within, become resilient, remain faithful, especially if you’ve been working on something for a long time.

Helps us to broaden our perspective, a support for weaving diversity of perspectives into a coherent vision. This flower’s mandala-like appearance mirrors the qualities of cohesion and integration.

Expresses the softness and electricity of love while upholding energetic boundaries and sovereignty. Allows us to unfold deeper into who we are and our purpose as expressed through divine relationships and sacred agreements.

For emotionally balanced communication. This flower essence helps us to channel fiery energy into relational receptivity and warmth. 

Gently removes blockages from the heart and back of the heart (due to past experiences) to receive vast, free flowing and abundant energy of love. Like a dove, it shows us peace and renewal amidst chaos.

A reliable support for moving through shock and distress. This flower helps us to neutralize and release tension that is held in response to trauma. Greatly comforting, Star of Bethlehem connects us to our inner wholeness.

Sunflower teaches us to always find the sun within our hearts when we are feeling out of alignment. This essence helps us to strengthen our connection to earth, and assists with grounding us to feel balanced and in-tune with ourselves. It connects with our first chakra in balancing our stability, identity, and safety within ourselves and within our world.

Finding our place within community and trusting our innate belonging. This flower helps us to transform patterns of disconnection and internalized “lone wolf” patterns.

Represents a particular frequency of love that is distinct in tenderness, innocence and rare beauty. It can be associated with the feeling of being kissed by an Angel or touched by some celestial sweetness. It has the quality of feeling at home.

Gazania is for taking back feminine power. It supports clearing the programming from past lovers thats says the feminine is meant to be submissive. It releases the subjugation of self to the will of others. It awakens sexual and creative kundalini forces.

Is a potent apoptogenic herb that meets us where we are at, helping us to calm the nervous system when it is overactive, and energize when under-active. Known for its spiritual potency, Tulsi Flower helps us to cultivate harmonious dialogue and collaboration between our different energy centers and higher-self aspects.

Highly evolved and fragile souls rest easy with the assistance of Violet as they retain the refined and tender qualities of your feminine beauty while you explore self-liberation, expression, and individuation.

Encourages self-expression, self-liberation, and self-acceptance. This flower supports the expression of powerful emotions in a clear and heart-centered way. 

Encourages us to seek internal connection while releasing the need for external validation. This Hawaiian-grown flower essence purifies the root and sacral chakra and assists with dissolving creative and sexual blockages in the body. 


Encourages mental and physical presence that is grounded in peace. This flower essence allows one to center and build comfort in their relationship with their body and embrace the experience of sensuality.

Yarrow is the ultimate teacher of energetic boundaries. This flower essence is a foundational plant spirit ally for highly sensitive people.

Solar Plexus Chakra support. For help with trusting your gut, speaking your truth and using your voice in intimate relationships.

Attunes us to the pure vibration of unconditional divine love. Holds kismet frequencies of love that is vast and cosmic. Bridges Earth and celestial energies. Reminding us that love is the highest power.


For connecting more deeply to one’s inner child. This bright and vibrant flower reminds us of our capacity for light-heartedness and play.