Holy Waters Vibrational Spray

Breathe the aroma in and notice how your mood can shift.

Holy Waters Vibrational Spray

Water has consciousness, this gives it the ability to both receive and store information. Holy water is a term for water that has been blessed through prayer, intentions, meditation, and the imprint of unconditional love. Water picks up the energy of your words as you speak to it. Our vibrational waters are charged with sound frequencies, sacred geometry and raised with the assistance of specific plant allies. The intended use is to clear the personal energy field, improve mood, prepare for spiritual work or cleanse any physical space to create a sacred environment. As a mixture of different corresponding essential oils and flower essences, the energy of holy water is made to raise our vibration and attune us to the information stored within it.

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose the scent that you're working with based on the specific intention and then lightly spray it a few times into the air. This will cleanse and clear the room. Another option is to spray yourself from the top of your head to your feet. Breathe the aroma in and notice how your mood can shift as the scent interacts with your brain chemistry. You can also Holy Water as a hand sanitizer. Have fun and use your intuition as you decide how you want to work with the Holy Water.

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Ingredients: natural spring water, a proprietary blend of organic essential oils, resins, spices and grape spirits

Holy Water Blends

Prosperity is our divine birthright, use this blend to unlock and receive the inherent stream of wealth and abundance.

Embodied awakening is experienced through our relationship to the natural world. Active blends of Cedarwood and Rose will regulate the nervous system through grounded heart-opening medicine.

This blend is an Auric Shield, supporting you to have clear energetic boundaries between your aura and others. As an ally to spray throughout the day, whether in a city or crowded place, it provides focus and safety when coming into contact with unseen electric and magnetic fields.

Snip! This blend gives you the attunement and assistance for the energetic release of old patterns, relationships, people and situations that no longer serve you.

To Earth, is to ground. This blend will help you deepen your presence into the fullness of your physical body and connect you with the resources of Mother Gaia.

Recalibrate your primordial creative energy with this Freakuency as you heal and balance the sacral chakra activating our deepest pleasures.

Wu-Wei. Slow down and get out of your own way, a combination of trust and faith to move from a place of inspiration rather than motivation. This blend aids cultivation of a feminine receptive state in which our actions are quite effortlessly in alignment with the flow of life as it moves through us.

Receive a gentle blanket for an open heart as this blend reminds us that everything is always working out for our divine highest good.

Trust your inner knowing by tapping into the great awareness from being attuned to your higher self. This blend will help you connect to your extrasensory gifts and move beyond the limitations of the logical mind.

The Higher Self blend will help connect you to your extra sensory gifts and the ability to trust your inner knowing. Rather than rely solely on the limitations of the logical mind, tap into the great awareness that comes from being attuned to your higher self.

With its specific combination of clearing ingredients, this blend may lift the fog and purify the energy around you. As purification is essential in daily life, this cleansing aid can clear unwanted energies that sometimes go unseen.

Keep your spirits high. This blend truly uplifts your mind, body and soul.

Blended with the intent of starting with empathy for yourself first, this spray gives you the ability to move from a place of authenticity, to fill your cup and connect with others from the overflow. For those who are in service to other souls' journeys, Retired Empath encourages the release of enmeshment and unconscious absorption of others' energy.

As our energy travels and wanders, we must call it back so one can stand in power and self-confidence. This blend will support you to know and speak your true self-worth, overcome draining insecurities and follow your inner guidance. Concentrated at the heart, it will ground you and release that which is no longer in alignment.

Helping one discover the blessings that come with being on a path of service to Spirit, this blend allows for a true initiation into spiritual living.

This before bedtime blend, takes you to a restful night's sleep, allowing you to relax, release tension, stress, and anxiety. Long-term insomnia or infrequent restlessness may now be tended.