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All About Flower Essences

All About Flower Essences

Flower essences are herbal infusions of flower medicine that are composed of the vibrational imprint of plants. They carry the flower's unique life force expression and activate specific healing qualities within the energy fields of the human body.

Blessed by sunlight and vibrationally charged water, each flower has an energy signature that can support us to embody our well-being.

There is this concept in flower essence healing that you don’t treat the imbalance itself, you treat the person. In other words it was found that unpleasant emotions are handled completely differently depending on each person's personality. In order to create alignment, inner harmony and self-realization it requires looking at personality patterns. 

Through becoming a flower essence healer I learned to identify those self defeating patterns that tend to show up pretty consistently within a certain personality type.
- Maryam Hasnaa

Floral medicine (flower essences and remedies) helps regulate our nervous system and deepen the connection to our energy field. These essences can be used to support our systems to self-regulate and bring our emotions into balance and harmony while healing the subtle body. Flower essences remind us that it is the consistency of the relationship to the medicine, in small amounts, that activates our emotional shift. Flower essences, like other plant medicines, help us to create new neural pathways and channels. 

The support is often subtle but the shifts and changes are always so impactful! - Aly, Resonance Assistant Manager

As we navigate life, we sometimes notice that our inner resources have been compromised or dimmed due to general life experiences and/or trauma. Rather than doing the work for us, flower essences reactivate the inner strength and fortitude we already possess. Just like any other spiritual resource, they are meant to enhance, amplify, support and refine the work we are doing. But it’s really our own personal inner work, lifestyle and daily energetic hygiene practice that is at the center of our aura health.


The standard dosage is four drops, four times daily. You may mix these drops in a glass of water to sip throughout the day, add them to a bath ritual or to enhance homemade misting sprays. They are gentle and safe for children and pets, and even to add to plants.

That said, there are many ways to work with Flower Essences! When it comes to flower healing you can take the flower essences internally, in your aura sprays or spiritual baths, plus they can also be used in tapping(EFT), as a support with therapy, massage or bodywork, acupuncture or when having medical or dental interventions.

Having an awareness and bringing conscious intention to the use of your flower essences will help you recognize the subtle benefits they can offer. It’s like an invisible hand holding yours as you walk over a rocky surface. You need to do the walking, but the plant world supports you as you do.

Flower essences are subtle, gentle and non habit forming.


Spring water, organic biodynamic brandy, flower essences.

Who are they good for?

Vibrational medicine is great for anyone; and it is particularly helpful for sensitives who tend to feel things more deeply. Flowers are such beautiful medicine for whatever is happening with the soul (human, animal or plant). There is literally a different flower for every emotional state of being, mood, feeling or mindset. 

It’s the way flower essence precisely gets straight to the point for me.
- Maryam Hasnaa


Ancient and Indigenous peoples have been working with flower essences for thousands of years. They used morning dew drops by putting on their face as “immortality medicine."

More recently, Dr Edward Bach, a pathologist, bacteriologist and homeopath, popularized the use of flower essences during and after WW1. He believed that mental states could have a profound effect on physical health and this is what drove him to leave his successful and lucrative medical practice in London and devote himself full-time to this “new” system. He believed in treating the individual or the person, as opposed to the symptoms or the condition.

His work opened the door for expansion beyond the original 38 remedies. The plant world has many more gifts to offer us!

Flower essences are angel medicine in case you haven’t figured that out yet.
- Maryam Hasnaa

Making the Essences

Modern and traditional flower essence medicine making includes both direct and non-direct methods, also known as the no contact method for poisonous flowers.

At Resonance Apothecary, the ritual of growing and tending the flowers is part of the medicine. All of our flowers are lovingly cultivated and grown in the Resonance Apothecary garden and used for flower essence creation at peak times. We work in harmony with the timing of the flowers so our essences have the highest vibrational frequency.

Using the direct method, once permission has been granted by the flower, the freshly picked flowers are placed in a bowl of spring water and infused in direct sunlight.

The no contact method requires choosing flowers with a leaf or stem and no obstructions or shadows getting in the way of the sun and the water.

Once the mother essence has been made, it is preserved with locally sourced biodynamic Brandy. 

Flower Essences and Remedies - What’s the difference?

Flower essences carry the vibrational imprint of a single flower.

Resonance Apothecary flower remedies are carefully designed blends of several flower essences, gemstone essences and blessed water. The blend of flower essences help support the needs of general or universal situations. You can use a pre-formulated Resonance Apothecary flower remedy like Highly Sensitive or create a custom remedy, using up to 6 individual essences of your choosing, to support your individual needs through a specific time period or experience. 

More ways to work with your flowers

To enhance the experience of working with a specific flower, you can bring certain flowers into your home to work with them, grow them in your garden or you can also just connect with the devas of any particular flower you want to work with for healing. Some Resonance Apothecary team members use a photo of the particular flower they are working with as a screensaver and wallpaper on their phone to visually imprint the energy of the flower into their daily life. There are so many ways to connect with the plant world. When we deepen our connection and appreciation with the plants, it gives back to them as well, creating a cycle of support. 

Storage and Shelf Life

Flower essences, when stored and maintained properly, can have a shelf life of 3+ years or longer. To extend the viability of the product, be sure to properly seal the bottle, keep out of direct sunlight and do not touch droppers to your mouth or other surfaces. This helps prevent contamination. 

What are the Subtle and Etheric Realms?

The subtle realm is the collection of realms beyond the physical.

The etheric realm is the lowest plane of the energy field beyond the purely physical and material world. The etheric realm (and etheric body) connects our physical world and body to higher realms of spiritual existence. It has been quite well understood by many cultures, in particular, in its relationship to our physical health.

Systems of vibrational medicine, such as flower essences, acupuncture, homeopathy, sound healing or energy medicine work directly in the etheric realm and with the etheric body. Here we can tap into the vast network of subtle or non-physical pathways, called meridians or nadis, which create the grid of the aura or energy body.

Emotional, mental and physical disruptions manifest first through blockages in energetic pathways of this etheric layer. Flowers can support emotional and mental healing by accessing these energetic blocks so we can access the physical plane more easily.

As we clear these blockages, our life force (also known as chi or prana) can flow more freely, allowing us to access more of our own inner fortitude.

Find our complete catalog of flower essences, flower remedies, teas, holy waters, spiritual oils and spiritual baths online at Resonance Apothecary.