Gemstone Essences are composed of the vibrational imprint of selected healing stones, powerful crystals and minerals.


Gemstone essences are high frequency vibrational medicines in a liquid form. They are created from specially selected healing stones, powerful crystals and minerals. When these healing stones, crystals and minerals are infused into purified water, they create highly vibrational water that captures the gemstone meanings and healing properties.

Gemstones are at the vibration of the first dimension; they bring the etheric into physical form and physicality. They work on filling in the gaps, offering foundational support around restructuring so that we are anchored into our bodies and the earth. The ultimate support we have in life comes from the earth. Gemstone essences bridge the etheric and earthly material realms.

The essences are used in a therapeutic way to call the person into energetic alignment and address different issues of well being. Like the earth itself, gemstone essences support us in building resilience as a foundation for life. They have been called into being to support in restructuring, anchoring and stabilizing frequencies for those who are called to work in this realm. When we work with gemstone essences, we are better able to work within the shifting of the seasons of our lives. Life, death and rebirth of patterns, habits and beingness become easier to navigate.  

Ingredients: Spring water, Brandy, Gemstone Infusion.


Peace of mind. Enhances spiritual awareness; connection and communication to All That Is. Develops psychic abilities with protection to the aura. Supports opening up to deep connections with soul-tribe. 

Grief & Trauma support. Healer of the Lungs. Also supportive to the mind that is stressed or ruminates with worry. Enhances aura and strengthens communication.

Releasing fear, nervousness and anxiety from the body. Connecting deeply with Mother Earth for nourishment. Supports the bodies recovery processes. 

Brings vitality from feminine Earth energies with visions from the cosmos. Reminds us of the sacredness of life. Activates spiritual mastery and helps us to embody our wisdom.

Oceanic currents and water healing. Deeply peace inducing. Spiritually calming especially for Retired Empaths. Provides feelings of ease and pure tranquility.

Cleanses our etheric and physical body with prisms of blue light. An ally for communication and expressing ourselves to connect and relate from a pure place.

Calms the mental body and harmonizes our emotional body. Guardian energies. Brings tranquility through an oceanic calm-like feeling. Indications: Increases concentration and focus. Clears distractions from the head and the throat chakra. Redirects distorted and unfocused energy.

Looking to reveal patterns that are draining your energy. Also supports release of outdated familial patterns that are no longer appropriate nor keeping you safe. Lovingly magnetizes many opportunities to enhance your trust in the Divine Earth Mother.

Find inner peace and tranquility with Celestite, a crystal that brings harmony and fluidity. Heals and repairs our energy field. Calls in energies of blessings and miracles.

Raises self-esteem and confidence in one’s ability to create. Releases blockages and fears from the psyche, making space to welcome in happiness.

Purifies the energy body. Cleanses mental clutter to be able to envision and amplify dreams. Activates all chakras. Moves flow of energy. 

High vibrational stone that helps to attract teachers and guides. Opens us up to psychic visions and connection to All That Is. Source of enlightenment helping us understand the dualities in life and the power of darkness. 

Helps us to identify and release energy leaks, refocuses our energy and attention to what lights us up. Bringing in protection, prosperity and purification.

Releases feelings of victimhood and martyrdom. Helps with feelings of isolation and loneliness. 

Clears the mind and energy body of negative and ruminating thoughts. Assists with finding balance and coordination. 

Increase confidence and self-esteem, letting inner light shine, looking for support with identity and connection to higher wisdom.

Aids in becoming aware of past patterns and challenges that need to be addressed to move forward in our dharma. Releases outdated contracts and agreements stemming from fear. Attuning to the divine. Quest of knowledge of oneself and universal truths. A guide for the mystics.

Connected to the root chakra. Grounded-ness and stability. Can also help you to feel energetically protected.

Releasing negative thoughts and irritability to feel resourced and transform certain aspects of your life. Supports bringing dreams into reality. 

Allowing the heart to release walls while opening up to receive all kinds of love. Reinvigorating joy for life, Earth and all of its beings.

Softens heart. Illuminates places where you can open up to receive more. Reveals where communication could be supported by flow.

Reveals where you can get out of your own way, brings attention to outdated contracts blocking your authenticity. Reveals areas where you can flow and release.

Imprinted with the healing properties of ancient Lumeria, said to be the Garden of Eden. Soothing and calming to the brain and central nervous system. 

Encourages quick healing. Flushes out toxic emotions and unwanted energy. Gifts inner strength and confidence. Helps you embrace change.

Balances emotions, releases fear and increases playfulness. Supports sexual energy and organs. Energizes and cleanses lower chakras. Amplifies energy. Dissolves challenges related to actualizing your potential.

Pearls are an introspective gem, encouraging us to really discover our true selves and our true purpose here on Earth.

Soothes sorrow and releases emotional pain. Surrendering to softness especially after a tower card moment. The light at the end of the tunnel. Purifies the emotional body to experience more love.

Nervous system overload and a need to cleanse the emotional body. An ally for offering soothing, comforting, safe and supportive energies especially when we feel neglected or in harm’s way.

Reveals where you’re creating “castles in the sky” and structuring your life from ungrounded fantasies. Reveals masks and performative tendencies. Support to create from a grounded place.

Connecting to grounding Earth energies. Brings strength and vitality to the body. Supportive to those suffering from prolonged dis-ease or illness bringing circulation and qi to the body.

Releasing emotional wounds and traumas to be open to receive more love. In all areas of the heart. Increases capacity for joy and happiness.

Supports healing heart ache and illuminates areas where there are heart wounds and scars. Releases outdated and muddied energies from past relationships. Reveals contracts and cords from relational wounds that transcend time.

Grounds us into the physical body while tapping into our passionate selves. Increases sensual pleasures and self-confidence. Heightens one's sense of power. Aids in circulation and cleansing the blood.

EMF protection. Cleanses the aura and roots us deeply into the Earth to be able to connect with higher energies. 

Relieves tension and doubt. Centers the psyche. Releases stagnant energy from the body and welcomes in calming frequencies. Deepens connection to Earth and nature.

Removes veil or illusion of separation. Increases resilience through optimism. Supports timeline jumping and tuning into the parallel universes unfolding in current time. 

Its electrical charge absorbs negative or unwanted energies. Particularly supportive when your circumstances or environment are draining you.

Reveals where to implement boundaries. Strength in personal power. Builds self-confidence. Supports staying centered in times of distress. Increases motivation and optimism.

Releases outdated vows and contracts. Supports self-forgiveness and acceptance. Increases spiritual attunement. Provides relief for the spirit and rejuvenation for the body.

Eases anxiety and depression. Soothes the heart and aids in moving stuck emotions. Supports facing challenges with openness and optimism.