High vibrational ascension tools for highly sensitive beings

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Thank you for your interest in participating in the New Earth Mystery School monthly subscription, to our online community and to receive a resonance apothecary plant medicine box each month.

Grown with love and focused intention in our onsite garden, we offer a specially curated Vibrational Medicine Box of high vibrational ascension tools for Highly Sensitive Beings. Our apothecary provides plant and flower medicine allies to assist us in energy work, cleansing our auric field, and implementing practices learned in NEMS class sessions. These self-care tools include Flower Essences, Flower Remedies, Holy Waters, Resin Blends, Tonics, Teas, Spiritual Oils, and Herbal Baths. In addition to receiving our monthly box of spiritually nourishing goodies, this membership tier grants you complete access to the New Earth Mystery School Membership, including each NEMS benefit mentioned above.

$75 monthly
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Our Resonance Only Subscription

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Resonance Apothecary Subscription, For your membership with Resonance each month you will receive products that can support you in doing the inner work. This may include holy waters, resin incense, medicinal herbal teas, spiritual bath mixes, aromatherapy blends or affirmation cards.. We are so grateful to share this magic with you!

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$50 monthly
 - $57 monthly subscription
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Garden of the Beloved Resonance Membership 

This Garden is a virtual portal that will hold space for people who want to learn about nature based spirituality and the plant spirit medicine path.

You will receive our monthly box of spiritually nourishing goodies from our Resonance Apothecary Shop including exclusive products that are not available for purchase on our website.

$165 monthly
-$172 monthly subscription
(domestic shipping $7)
-$190 monthly subscription 
(international shipping $25)



Maryam Hasnaa has learned the importance of living in alignment with one’s intuition and most authentic self. She uses her etheric gifts to remind other beings of the vibrational, energetic nature of this universe. The key elements of her work include a depth of knowledge and experience within a diverse range of esoteric spiritual traditions and cosmic cosmology.

As a clear channel, Maryam is experienced in working with the Elemental kingdom, the angelic realms, plant medicine, metaphysical law, embodied ceremony, sound healing and is a keeper of Star medicine. She specializes in ascension guidance, as well as helping other beings honor their soul’s blueprint within the divine plan. Maryam Hasnaa incorporates ancient wisdom as well as cutting edge information to intuitively teach in a way that will awaken wholeness and create deep transformational healing. Through shining her light so brightly her intention is that others will see themselves reflected and do the same. 


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