Flower Remedies assist us in aligning with our soul’s truth.


Resonance Apothecary Flower Remedies are carefully designed blends of flower essences, gemstone essences and blessed water. Essences are composed of the vibrational imprint of plants. Much like us, each flower has its own energy signature and sacred expression. Their medicine helps regulate our nervous system and deepen connection to our energy field.

Using Flower Remedy sprays can help us connect with our innate healing capacity. They can also be used to self regulate, bringing our emotions into balance and harmony. As plant allies, Flower Remedies assist us in aligning with our soul’s truth. Working with these medicines helps us to remember ourselves.


This blend clarifies our perception and strengthens our integrity. Access your ability to love with an open heart but without enmeshment.

This blend is an ally for those who wish to step forward with confidence, courage and grace. Transform patterns of fragility into response-ability. 

This blend balances emotional health and enhances the mind’s spaciousness through release of negative programming and mental chatter. 

Our highly refined awareness is a gift to be tended. Highly Sensitive is created with flowers such as Pink Yarrow that provide support for handling the overwhelm of too much sensory information. 

Fortify the radiance of your auric field. This blend encourages us to fully incarnate and deepen our receptivity to the presence of angelic energy.

Purity connects us to our childlike essence. Integrate the positive qualities of our innocent nature with humor and sweetness.