Vibrational Medicine


We are glad to know you find Resonance with our products. Are you wondering how flower essences work, what the shelf life is for your products, or have questions about shipping times?


Flower Essences may be used in many different ways. You may take 4 drops 4x a day under the tongue. You may also mix 4 drops of the essence in a glass of water or tea and sip throughout the day. You can also use them to enhance the healing qualities of your home by utilizing drops of the essence in your baths, and in misting sprayers on your plants or pets. You may drop them on acupressure points or energy centers. Sometimes they will let you know if they want to be worked with on the head or feet, etc. If you have a favorite way that we haven’t mentioned, let us know! @vibrationalmedicine

For more in depth information on Flower Essences, please visit our About Flower Essences page

Yes you can, however if you are new to flower essences, we recommend taking one at a time (or a pre-blended Flower Remedy) so you can discern the effects more easily. Once you become more attuned to the essences, we encourage you to play and use your intuition. 

We recommend consulting with a doctor before taking during pregnancy or giving to your children. 

We recommend consulting with your healthcare practitioner. Most herbal medication and essences are generally safe but differ on a case by case basis. We do not recommend our offerings to treat or diagnose medical conditions. 

Holy Water: 3 months from open. Flower Essences & Remedies: 3 years. Spiritual Oils: 1 year. Spiritual Teas: As long as they are properly stored and retain their aroma, they are safe to work with. 

All of our products are gluten free. If you have a sensitivity to gluten, Soul Retrieval, Sweet Dreams and Higher Self Spiritual Tea have oatstraw which some people with gluten sensitivities choose not to ingest.


All of our orders are handmade with care and have a shipping period of 6 weeks from date of purchase. We ship via stamps USPS from Berkeley, California. Rates vary depending on location and weight. International shipping is available. For more information, please see our shipping policy.