Holy Water - Vibrational Spray 1 oz

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Holy Water - Vibrational Spray 1 oz

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1 oz


Water has consciousness. Therefore it has the amazing ability to both receive and store information. When speaking directly to water it picks up the energy behind your words and intentions. Holy water is a term for water that has been blessed through prayer, inventions, meditation and the imprint of unconditional love. This water is charged with sound frequencies, sacred geometry and the vibration is raised with the assistance of specific plant allies.

Our vibrational waters are used to clear the personal energy field, improve mood, prepare for spiritual work or just simply to cleanse any physical space. Mixed with different corresponding essential oils & flower essences, holy water is used to clear our own energy field, improve mood, to prepare for spiritual work or just simply to cleanse and clear any physical area. The energy of holy water is meant to raise our vibration and attune us with all of the information stored within it. This can be used anywhere you would like to create a sacred environment.

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