All About Gemstone Essences

All About Gemstone Essences

Gemstone essences offer us help in stabilizing these earth frequencies more into our being-ness, allowing the foundational earth frequencies to emanate through our entire field.

- Maryam Hasnaa

What are Gemstone Essences?

Gemstone Essences are high frequency vibrational medicines in a liquid form. The Gemstone Kingdom is available to bridge the work we've been doing in the Ethereal Realm and bring those blueprints into physicality. They are created from specially selected healing stones, powerful crystals and minerals. When these healing stones, crystals and minerals are infused into purified water, they create a vibrational water that captures the gemstone meanings and healing properties. 

Gemstones hold the energy of the first dimension; they bring the etheric into physical form. They work on filling in the gaps, offering foundational support around restructuring so that we are anchored into our bodies and the Earth. The ultimate support we have in life comes from the Earth.

The essences are used in a therapeutic way to call us into energetic alignment and address different issues of well being. Like the Earth itself, Gemstone Essences support us in building resilience as a foundation for life. They have been called in to support in restructuring, anchoring and stabilizing frequencies for those who are called to work in this realm. When we work with gemstone essences, we are better able to work with the shifting of the seasons of our lives. Life, death and rebirth cycles, habits and being-ness become easier to navigate. 

Making the Essences:

Our Gemstone Essences were blessed in sacred sites part of ancient Lumeria (Hawaii). They are infused with the energy and frequency of rainbow, volcano, and waterfall devas along with the imprint of each gemstone. Once permission has been granted by the gemstone and the devas, the gemstones are placed in a bowl of locally sourced spring water and infused in direct sunlight. This water then becomes part of the mother essence and preserved with locally sourced biodynamic Brandy. Those gemstones that are not recommended to mix with water are made with the no contact method the same way we make our Flower Essences that have poisonous flowers. 

Gemstones hold the Earth's wisdom. When they are infused into purified water, their memory is captured. Through working with these essences we integrate that medicine into our body. 

What do they do?

Unlike wearing crystals, which is a beautiful practice, taking gemstone essences internally has a very different effect. Our body can assimilate them easier when we take them internally as opposed to wearing or being near them.They are able to work from the inside of our body, to affect us on a cellular level, providing a grounded foundation. They are a perfect complement to Flower Essences as they bridge the etheric and earthly material realms. 

Gemstone Essences provide support from deep within the Earth, connecting us back to the mineral kingdom and Earth.

They emit the specific healing frequencies of each of the different crystals and gemstones they represent. When we use them, we are introducing the high frequency field of the particular stone directly into our own body and energy field. We can expect heightened awareness, our healing pathways to open and embodiment of their unique energetic signature. Using this type of vibrational medicine helps us restore and integrate our physical and spiritual bodies. 

They give us the sensation of being full from the inside versus seeking and grasping for external stability. 

Gemstones offer foundational structure. If you look at flower essences, they are the blueprint of the building and the gemstones are the foundation. Gemstones are denser and provide structure upon which to build. It’s a beautiful relationship. Sometimes we need both and other times we need one or the other. 

-Maryam Hasnaa

When do we use them?

Gemstone Essences are suitable for everyday care as well as in times of collective transition and personal tower card moments. They provide support when we are going through a destabilization process, bringing us into a new reality. They are useful when we need grounding and support or anytime we are seeking a deeper connection to the Earth; when we feel our foundations are shaky or just need a bit of shoring up. 

Gemstone Essences can help us to revitalize when we are feeling depleted; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually; or when we feel disconnected from ourselves and from source. They remind us that we come from the Earth and that we are always connected to All That Is. 

How to work with Gemstone Essences.

Tune into the indications of the individual Gemstone Essence that you are working with and find the keyword/s that represent the archetype you are calling in. That is the essence that will support you at this time. 

There are many ways to work with them. You can begin to get to know one specific gemstone at a time, then blend with other Gemstones or Flower Essences that feel aligned and synergistic. 

Try working with them for up to a week and pay attention to what is shifting. Check in with yourself and see if you’d like to continue. For long standing issues, it can be helpful to work with a specific essence or remedy for a month. 

The standard dosage is four drops, four times daily. You may mix these drops in a glass of water to sip throughout the day. There are also many other ways to work with Gemstone Essences! When it comes to vibrational medicine and healing you can take the essences internally, add them in your aura sprays or spiritual baths, plus they can also be used in tapping (EFT), as a support with therapy, massage or bodywork, acupuncture or when having medical or dental interventions. They can also be added to your beauty routine. Add a few drops to your favorite lotion or oil and apply to your skin. 

Having an awareness and bringing conscious intention to the use of your Gemstone Essences will help you recognize the subtle and tangible benefits they can offer. It’s like an invisible hand holding yours as you walk over a rocky surface. You need to do the walking, but the mineral world supports you as you do. 

Gemstone Essences are subtle, gentle and non habit forming.

When we work with vibrational medicines, archetypes and templates become real for us.

- Maryam Hasnaa


Spring water, brandy, vibrational imprint of select gemstones.

Why we use Gemstone Essences

Crystals and gemstones have been used and recognized for different healing properties throughout history in a plethora of healing practices. In an essence form, they are wonderful tools for personal and spiritual growth. When we intentionally work with them, the frequency helps to harmonize any imbalances within our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. They can help our systems initiate self healing in the places we need it. At Resonance Apothecary, we know that energy is currency, meaning, our energetic state informs our experience in the world and the physical realm. It is in our best interest to support that level in the most powerful way possible. 

When choosing the essences you'd like to work with, it requires looking at patterns in your emotions, personality and habits. From there you can choose the essence that will restore the balance you are seeking.

Gemstone medicine (gemstone essences and remedies) help us regulate our system on a very foundational level. These essences can be used to support self-regulation and bring our emotions and mental state into balance while healing the subtle body. Vibrational medicine in essence form reminds us that it is the consistency of the relationship to the medicine, in small amounts, that activates our emotional shift. Gemstone essences, like other vibrational medicines, help us to create new neural pathways and channels

Aquamarine: Calming and Cleansing

Think of the ocean when you use Aquamarine, it has a cleansing effect that helps connect with the water element. It can help to reduce stress and release negativity. It is the strongest stone for clearing and activating the Throat Chakra and creating space for clear breathing and communication.

Jade: Prosperity, Good Luck and Wisdom

Known to help attain goals and dreams, Jade instills resourcefulness and clears limiting beliefs. Jade is also known to attract good luck, good health and prosperous relationships.

Lumerian Quartz: Imprinted with the healing properties of ancient Lumeria, said to be the Garden of Eden. Soothing and calming to the brain and central nervous system. 

For times of transition. Activates and supports clairvoyance and telepathy.

Ruby: Passion, Protection and Prosperity

This stone is considered to be one of the most powerful in the universe. It works on the base chakra to increase vitality and life force energy into the body and spirit. It can deepen the frequency of passion, determination and self-confidence in our being, which then radiates out into our life and relationships.

Storing and Shelf Life 

Gemstone essences, when stored and maintained properly, can have a shelf life of 3+ years or longer. To extend the viability of the product, be sure to properly seal the bottle and do not touch droppers to your mouth or other surfaces. This helps prevent contamination. 

Find our complete catalog of gemstone essences, flower essences, flower remedies, teas, holy waters, spiritual oils and spiritual baths online at Resonance Apothecary.

A gentle reminder that this is lifestyle information, not medical advice.

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