All About Resins

All About Resins

Resins are some of the oldest plant substances used in ancient medicine practices, and are found in the rituals and rites of nearly every spiritual and religious practice. They are potent medicines, chock-full of medicinal and aromatic constituents that can be worked with  in countless ways.

Resins are some of the oldest plant substances used in ancient medicine practices, and are found in the rituals and rites of nearly every spiritual and religious practice. They are potent medicines, chock-full of medicinal and aromatic constituents that can be worked with  in countless ways.

“Burning resin is a sacred act involving mindfulness and the remembering of all living things as relatives.” - Maryam Hasnaa

Resins are a plant's essential defense mechanism. Resin is a honey-like thick liquid, from a plant's interior, that accumulates at the site of a damaged wood or bark. Resin contains anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and insecticidal properties that keep intruders from entering and harming the plant. Resins speed up a plant's healing process, among other functions. They also contain a wide range of chemical and aromatic constituents that aid many other biological processes.

So, resins are essentially the immunity of a tree. When a tree is wounded the resin is providing a protective scar tissue for the tree. Since resins are also antimicrobial and antibacterial, they contribute to the tree healing itself. When the healing is done or the tree has bled excess resin, it will harden and the excess may fall to the ground.

We should never pick it from the tree but if it falls and we ask for permission and are granted yes, we might follow the honorable harvest and laws of reciprocity that are: 

  1. Make an offering 
  2. Harvest only a portion of what is there 
  3. Leave some behind
  4. Thank the tree through song, prayer, sacred smoke, etc. 

What can it be used for?

“Purification with smoke connects us to the unseen.” - Maryam Hasnaa

Purification or smudging resins can be used to clear, purify, and open up the space to prepare for offering, prayer, channeling, or meditation. Connecting us to liminal spaces, unseen realms. Sacred smoke is a portal. 

Ancients found that resins, in addition to healing trees, contained aromatic medicine that aided the psyche, emotions, and offered many benefits that enhanced spiritual ritual and ceremony.

Resins hold the power of nature and the natural world. The power of the sun, rain, earth, wind and moon are stored within them and just waiting to be released with the magic of the element of fire. They are a physical representation of the elements, air, earth, water and fire. 

Aside from bringing us into a deeper connection to nature, burning of resins is also an olfactory delight!

Using resins often results in a joyful feeling or a shift in mood and one of the primary reasons for this is that it is the result of a purely biological process. Most of a human’s senses go through a processing experience  to reach your brain (such as eyes or ears) but your nose is directly connected to your brain, without the delay or interference of these relays. As a result, scent is possibly the most powerful sense we have. We often don’t pay much attention to that sense, but it is able to keep us safe by warning us of danger. That danger could be smoke, food that is rotten, etc. Scent is also strongly tied to memory, possibly because of its direct connection to the brain. Smells can transport us to other places, spaces, memories and lifetimes. 

In addition to the scent, the smoke from resins is also a powerful tool. The smoke has been used for purposes of cleansing, purifying and fumigation. Smoke can penetrate even the tiniest openings and displace the energies that reside within. 

Using resins to cleanse and purify is intended to drive away undesired energies.  The smoke has also been thought to communicate with and to carry prayers, incantations or wishes to the greater powers of the universe, or the gods. 

The other side of this is simply pure pleasure. Each resin holds its own pleasurable scents, as well as their magical and therapeutic properties. 


How to Burn Resins 

Open up the space as you prepare for offering, prayer, channeling or meditation with purification or smudging resins. This is a sacred act that involves mindfulness and the remembering of plants, animals, the four directions, ancestors, elements and nature.

  1. Ready your charcoal incense burner or fire safe container.
  2. Fill the burner 3/4 with small rocks, sand, ash, salt or dirt to absorb the heat.
  3. Light the charcoal tablet
  4. Using tongs if you have them to hold the charcoal, apply flame to the edge of the charcoal disc with a lighter or candle for about 20 seconds.
  5. You should notice the charcoal gently sparkle, crackle and pop as it self-ignites across its surface. Place the tablet into the burner, directly onto the rocks/sand/dirt.
  6. Allow at least 3 minutes for the charcoal to heat up, as it warms a layer of gray ash will form around the tablet.
  7. If your tablet fails to ignite, try again. If your charcoal is old or has been opened for a prolonged period of time it may have expired. Start with a fresh roll.
  8. Now that the charcoal is heated, place a few pieces of resin onto the tablet and allow to burn.
  9. The aromatic resin incense will be released into the smoke. Add more resin as needed.
  10. The charcoal should stay heated for about 20 minutes.
  11. Clean Up - Allow charcoal, ash and resin to completely cool before disposing. When in doubt, dowse with water.


Resins are a time honored tradition in ancient and indigenous tribes and in nearly every religion. The ancients and indigenous people knew innately that the smoke is antibacterial and antimicrobial. This physical clearing also penetrates energetically. 

“When we want to call angels in, we burn certain incense resins.” - Maryam Hasnaa

Frankincense and Myrrh are some of the most well known resins, in part, due to their being two of the three  gifts presented by the three kings to Jesus upon his birth. They have also been used in perfumes, anointing and other sacred ceremonies and rituals. Burning frankincense provides protection and purification and is said to help increase your spiritual awareness. It is closely tied to the esthetic and spiritual development of humanity as well as being used for skin care and to treat nervous tensions. Myrrh has been used in religious and medicinal capacities for millennia as it is rejuvenating to both mind and body. It not only helps to maintain a state of enlightenment, but also clears negative energy and illusions that stand in the way of seeing the truth. Resonance Apothecary Celestial Blend is created with sacred medicinals of resins such as Frankincense, Benzoin, Amazon gold & Oud to uplift our spaces and call in cosmic frequencies.

Copal is a sacred incense of the Mayan and Aztec civilizations. This light resin was called “food of the gods” by the Mayans. It was used for cleansing and encouragement of clairvoyance, making it valuable for ritual ceremonies. Copal has a powerful crisp, clearing, sharp scent that purifies the energy in your space and in your energetic field. The Purification blend features Copal and other botanicals to purge our spaces of unwanted energies and bring in clarity and peace.

Piñon has been sacred to the Native Americans for its healing properties and rich, pungent and cleansing smoke -- pine resin is a great way to clear a space. The Germanic people used it as a protective force against negative influences. When burned, piñon energetically creates a peaceful and inviting environment. And enhances the connection between the mind and body.  It’s also used to clear and balance the auric field. It’s commonly used in healing ceremonies and invokes clairvoyance, compassion, spiritual strength and expansiveness. Our Angelic blend features a beautiful piñon.

Amber Resin is an all natural medicinal resin derived from Pine Trees. In the middle ages it was burned to protect against the plague. In more modern times, it has been used to accelerate healing. The Greek and Egyptians connected it to the power of the sun and Sufis used it to open the heart. 

Amber's positive energy is believed to be responsible for inspiration, serenity, joy and peace. The use of the scent has played a major role in many religious and occult practices throughout the world. It is used in healing ceremonies, meditations, cleansing rituals, Pow Wows, Shamanic Healing, and deep relaxation techniques, not to mention its wide use as a perfume. Amber is also a feature of our Angelic resin blend. 

Oud, known as “Wood of the Gods”, has been used for centuries in the Middle East and Southeast Asia.  It remained almost unknown in the West until about 10 years ago when perfumers began to use it. Oud is a sacred scent often used in rituals to facilitate a connection with the divine, it is also said to take away negative energies and to enhance awareness. In Arabia, the sweet, rich scent is an important part of the culture. Oud is the  resin of the agar tree. It is instilled into precious perfumes, and tiny chips of agar are burnt to create a sweet smoke to scent homes, clothing and mosques. This precious scent is featured in both our Paradise and Celestial resin blends. Our Paradise Resin Blend is one of our most popular with notes of Frankincense, Cedar, & Moroccan Rose. Created with the intention to bridge the realms of creating Heaven on Earth.

More ways to work with resins

  • Internally but issue warning 
  • Smudging your closet for clothes cleansing and aromatherapy benefits on your clothes
  • Offering to the Earth or your garden 

Storing and Shelf life

For best results, store resins in a closed container and keep in a cool place, out of direct sunlight. Resins can last for years.

As always, the information contained in this website is lifestyle advice and should not be considered medical advice. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease. For diagnosis or treatment consult your physician.

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