Energy Medicine with Maryam Hasnaa

Energy Medicine with Maryam Hasnaa

Learn more about Maryam’s path with Energy Medicine, her favorite modalities and how Resonance Apothecary came to be.

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"Energy is the foundation of physical and emotional health" - Donna Eden

We are all energy and live in an energy-filled world. Energy is everywhere. 

The Energy Medicine Institute says, the body’s energies are the key to health, vitality, and well-being. Energy medicine is the art and science of working with and teaching people to work with these energies to empower them to live happier, healthier lives. Long recognized by Eastern cultures, subtle energy fields are only recently being detected, studied, and utilized by Western medicine. Energy medicine is transforming health care, as well as having an impact on education, business, sports, and all other endeavors involving human performance. Here at Resonance Apothecary, we think it has an impact on all of life, how we live in our bodies and how we relate to our communities and environments every day. 

“I think for people that are energy sensitive, they're working with energy medicine in a way they might not be aware of and it might not be conscious. I think we all develop energetic strategies to manage what we're doing. When you start learning the techniques and the frameworks within energy medicine, you just are able to address things more quickly, skillfully, thoroughly and to give language to really subtle things.” Maryam Hasnaa

Energy or vibrational medicine is a holistic approach to healing that uses the power of various forms of energy frequencies to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. It is based on the principle that everything in the universe vibrates at its own unique frequency, including the human body, and that by using various forms of energy, we can influence and balance these frequencies to promote health and healing.

Vibrational medicine encompasses a wide range of practices and therapies, including flower essences, scent, sound, color, acupuncture, belief work, paying attention to thought forms, reiki, biofield tuning and many others. These practices aim to balance the body's energy and promote healing by restoring the body's natural balance and harmony. Using each of these can help us shift into and out of different states. Scent can transport us - sound can cause us to feel energized or relaxed. A thought can shift our mood and our reality. These are simple things that can and do impact us, on an everyday basis, in a variety of ways. 

“Becoming your own energy reader is the way to take back your power and to have more authority over your own health, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.” Maryam Hasnaa 

Another, perhaps less known energy medicine tool is psychic tools, which can be especially helpful for the highly sensitive. Psychic tools are the preferred tools of Maryam Hasnaa, founder of Resonance Apothecary and New Earth Mystery School.  Maryam has honed her intuitive skills to empower herself and to teach others how to begin to assess their own energy field so that they know what they need. 

We sat down with Maryam to find out more about her path with Energy Medicine, how Resonance Apothecary came to be and what modalities are her favorite to work with. 

Q: From your perspective, what is energy medicine?

Maryam:  To me, energy medicine is a system of tools, techniques and practices that recognize and engage with the fact that we are energetic beings and we live in an energetic universe; and that we have the birthright to be able to engage with lifeforce both within ourselves and our environment, as well as in our relationships, in a meaningful way. 

Energy medicine allows us to have a system for feeling, being aware of and making changes to things that we might not have ever considered could be different. When we learn the language of energy, it answers a lot of questions that other systems can’t. 

Q: What modalities do you use?

Maryam:  Well, I have lost count of the modalities that I am trained and certified in! What I use mostly is psychic tools. I think they're the most precise because they speak to the subtlest energies and help us to engage with the multiple dimensions of who we are. I find that psychic tools are really precise, really accurate and get right to the thing. That's why I like flower essences as well, they're really specific. When something is creating disturbances in your energetic field, it’s helpful to have that precise tool.

Q: Have you always been drawn to Energy Medicine?

Being someone who was born with a lot of extrasensory and, well, kind of psychic gifts, to study psychic development really helped me make sense of things I was experiencing as a child. There were always things that no one could relate to or explain to me. No one could understand, and that kind of made me feel like a weirdo or an oddball. Like, “Why are you being so sensitive?” Or, “No one else is noticing that.”, you know? I came to realize that you could even have a psychic nose! I was always someone who could smell things that no one else could. I’d be like, “What's that smell? You smell that?” I was always sensing things that other people weren't sensing. Psychic development is a way to take my sensitivity and turn it into a gift.

Q: What brought you to starting Resonance Apothecary?

Maryam: I never planned to have an apothecary. I just knew that I needed help. I was constantly looking for things to help me manage overwhelm, anxiety, being a psychic sponge, feeling drained all the time, picking up on information about people that I wasn't exactly sure what to do with and so many other things that just affected me being able to have a healthy existence. I also like to create and explore, so a lot of the formulas we have in Resonance Apothecary I originally made to support myself. I knew that I felt good in the forest and I wanted to bottle that feeling so I went to a local shop and asked to smell all of the essential oils they had. I ended up creating a blend that I felt captured that sense. I used it all of the time to center myself when I was in crowds and such. That was what became called Retired Empath Holy Water. I used it all of the time and after I’d spray it, people would be like, “What did you just spray? Can I get some of that?” 

I started really small… formulas made up on the spot  (I never wrote them down though!), handmade labels, people would send me money through PayPal. It was just a thing I did for fun. I had a blog too where I talked about things each month and made medicine boxes to go with the theme. I had a full-time job then so I’d do this on the weekends, then my friend Fran, who has a big following, shared about it and I got a lot of orders. It’s been busy and growing ever since! 

Q: How do you work with the medicines on a daily basis?

Maryam: It depends on what I’m doing. I make medicines quite a bit so a lot of times I’m communing with the devas that go into the medicines. Resonance has specific guides and they are very vocal about what they want to happen and what medicines they want and how to share them with the world. 

I also burn incense or resins every day, at least once a day. It’s the first thing I do after my morning practice and  my morning prayers, then flower essences and now gemstone essences. I often sit with them in meditation, it’s not essential that I take them, but it’s a constant and ongoing conversation. The guides have me in meditation with flowers and gemstones and even places, letting them know what we are doing; building that relationship. There’s a lot that I do behind the scenes. 

Then there are days when I will be shown, “OK, today, it’s Open Heart Tea or Higher Self Tea and I’ll add a particular essence - it’ll go along with the coursework for NEMS (New Earth Mystery School). No matter how long I’ve worked with a medicine, I’ll always be getting deeper information. 

Q: We have talked here in the Apothecary about products being like tuning forks. Can you talk more about bridging the realms of the etheric and the physical?

Maryam: Our bodies can be deficient in something or we can have a buildup of something. There's a lot of reasons why that can be the case. Those imbalances can be about our relationship with ourselves. It can be about our relationship with our environment. It can be conditioning, or emotional, or thought based, karmic and all of that. What flower essences do is they provide us with the energy that we need to make a shift happen. There can be a flower essence or gemstone essence, or even an environmental essence to support us, depending on what we have going on. It can encourage the release of an excess of a type of energy, or it can energize us to give us more of the kind of energy that we want to bring into the body. Plants and elementals have a specific imprint and when we use them, it’s like our system entrains to that frequency, to that imprint. Flowers templates can’t get distorted - they are always their true self… They know how to hold the note of that pure song of creation and they never forget it.

“Plants and elementals hold the vibration of: In this world but not of it.” Maryam Hasnaa

Q: Is energy medicine for everyone? Or only certain people?

Vibrational medicine is for everyone - it is especially good for highly sensitive people because they sense things so easily. Highly sensitive people can pick up on messages and energy very easily. Flower essences have a familiar vibration that validates and supports what you already know. They can help where you are gifted as well as where you are challenged. 

I like it better than herbal medicine because there are no contraindications. The only thing it can do is bring up what we think we need in order to heal something. If it feels like too much or not enough, you can dose yourself in a more gentle or stronger way. Instead of taking it in your water all day long, take 4 drops 4 times a day. It works on consistency. Usually, the more we take it, the more we’ll feel. There are a lot of ways to break up energy patterns.

Q: What about the skeptics out there, does it work if you’re skeptical?

Maryam: It’s also about receptivity. If we are not receptive, it’s not going to work. It’s our choice whether we cut off support or welcome it in. Some people have a greater capacity and think or know they deserve the healing. 

We also have to take responsibility, to be aware of not outsourcing our power. These tools don’t do it for us, they remind us that we have that capability within us. They show us the imprint that they hold so we can see the undistorted template.They support us in our healing, but we still do the healing ourselves. 

Q: Any final thoughts you’d like to share?

Maryam: Working with energy and energy medicine is a way of life. It’s not just a brand, a product or a class. It’s meant to translate into your way of life… At some point, you don’t need the teacher to guide you and tell you this is the essence of the month. You’ll have your own  relationship with the guides and nature spirits and just living your life from that place. You’ll go out into the world and listen to what the flowers are telling you. That’s the impact we hope to have. Let’s put the flowers on the pedestal. They are the appropriate resource.

Overall, vibrational medicine is a holistic approach to health and well-being that recognizes the interconnectedness of the body, mind, spirit and environment. By using various forms of energy, vibrational medicine aims to restore balance and harmony to the body's energy, promoting healing and wellness on all levels. To learn more about Vibrational medicine, follow us on the socials at: @vibrationalmedicine @maryamhasnaa @theflowerpriestess @newearthmysteryschool.

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