Love is in the air. 


The Love Languages Flower Essence Collection features roses from the Resonance Apothecary garden, with different colors holding their own unique vibrations of the mystical rose. These rose essences carry the energy of the rose’s unique life force expression and activate specific healing qualities within the energy fields of the human body. One of the best allies for the heart is rose. As we open our hearts to love of all kinds, the rose Devas made us aware that each rose color represents a different vibration of love. Every color has a unique energy signature based on these frequencies. Resonate with the color of love that specifically your heart is asking for. Let the color pick you. 

More Love Languages Rose Medicine

Ingredients: Spring water, Brandy, Vibrational imprint of select Roses grown in the Resonance Garden.


Fortifies emotional vitality. Giving us the strength to express our love and find a bright light in the darkest of nights.

Teaches Love for the Earth and enthusiasm for being of service. As the rose buds unfold during its bloom, it experiences rhythmic contractions that expand its energy. Similar to our development during our growth phases, California wild roses' healing gesture is always teaching us to relax, let go of struggle, allow ourselves to unfold and bloom. The way you show up for yourself is the way you show up for others. Being in service to yourself is being in service to others. 

Inspirational love that comes in like a lightning bolt. Awakens the sacral and solar plexus energy centers and supports them breathing life into creative projects. 

Represents the coming together of true love and freedom.

Supports us in experiencing interdependent love and for holding space for levity in intimate relationships. 

Offers deeper relations with the mysticism of love; tuning us into the vibration of love all around us.

Expressing the softness and brightness of love while upholding energetic boundaries and sovereignty.

Gently removes blockages from the heart (due to past experiences) and allows us to receive the vast, free flowing and abundant energy of love.

Represents a particular frequency of love that is distinct in tenderness, innocence and rare beauty. It can be associated with the feeling of being kissed by an Angel or touched by some celestial sweetness. It has the quality of feeling at home in yourself.

Attunes us to the pure vibration of unconditional divine love.

Create your own custom blend by selecting up to 6 individual rose essences of your choosing to support your individual needs through a specific time period or experience.If you are needing extra confidence and self-esteem on your Rose Love Languages journey, we suggest adding Gold Essence to take your remedy to the next level.

Cordial is a sweetened distilled spirit, an alcoholic maceration of herbs and spices. Historically worked with to revitalize the body, mind and spirit and heal ailments. Rose petals calm the nervous system and relax us into the heart center.