Flower Essences are composed of the vibrational imprint of plants. They carry the flower's unique life force expression and activate specific healing qualities within the human energy fields of the body. Essences are herbal infusions of flower medicine, blessed by sunlight and vibrationally charged water. Each flower has an energy signature that can support us to embody our well-being.

Instructions: The standard dosage is four drops, four times daily. You may mix these drops in a glass of water to sip throughout the day, add them to a bath ritual or to enhance homemade misting sprays.

Angel's Trumpet

Turns our attention inward to discover there is a power within that is far greater than any condition.

Black Eyed Susan

Teaches us to integrate the light and dark within ourselves. 

Bleeding Heart

Mends and restores balance where there is sadness.


Provides alleviation to emotional heaviness.


Encourages us to trust ourselves and to break patterns of doubt. 

Clary Sage

offers clarity while helping us to root ourselves in our highest destiny timeline.


Upgrades the nervous system to safely accommodate higher frequencies coming onto the planet.

Forget Me Not

Breaking the pattern of abandoning a connection to your intuition for a connection with someone else.


Assists with grounding ourselves during times of intense emotions.


Supports in repelling energetic parasites and severing connections that may be extractive.


Teaches us to flow harmoniously in trust of life’s rhythms.


Helps us to be non-reactive and stable in our emotional experiences.


Opens the heart to Divine love, inner wisdom and ability to hear your angels better.


Supports rest and renewal -- a great ally when we are looking to slow down.


Supports those that are sensitive and have experienced wounding of the heart.

Pink Yarrow

Assists us with creating and maintaining appropriate emotional boundaries.


Encourages vitality to flow and revives our internal devotion for life.

Saint John’s Wort

Grants solar strength and protection through periods of darkness in one’s life.

Star of Bethlehem

Helps us to neutralize and release tension that is held in response to trauma.


Helps us to cultivate harmonious collaboration between our different energy centers.

White Hibiscus

Encourages us to seek internal connection while releasing the need for external validation.


Resonance Apothecary Flower Remedies are carefully designed blends of flower essences, gemstone essences and blessed water. Essences are composed of the vibrational imprint of plants. Much like us, each flower has its own energy signature and sacred expression. Their medicine helps regulate our nervous system and deepen connection to our energy field.

Highly Sensitive

Our highly refined awareness is a gift to be tended. Highly Sensitive is created with flowers such as Pink Yarrow that provide support for handling the overwhelm of too much sensory information. 

Inner Sanctuary 

This blend balances emotional health and enhances the mind’s spaciousness through release of negative programming and mental chatter.

Own Your Power

This blend is an ally for those who wish to step forward with confidence, courage and grace. Transform patterns of fragility into response-ability. 

Retired Empath

Assists us with releasing patterns of enmeshment and unconscious absorption of others’ energy, encouraging greater integrity and embodiment of one's wholeness. This medicine is blended with the intention that we know how to fully enjoy and feel our own feelings. Blended with flowers such as Oak and Pink Yarrow, this remedy supports the cultivation of healthy boundaries and knowing of one's emotional limits when serving others. Red Chestnut is also integrated as an ally that helps to instill a serene disposition and trusting awareness of others. 


Our vibrational waters are charged with sound frequencies, sacred geometry and raised with the assistance of specific plant allies. The intended use is to clear the personal energy field, improve mood, prepare for spiritual work or cleanse any physical space to create a sacred environment. As a mixture of different corresponding essential oils and flower essences, the energy of holy water is made to raise our vibration and attune us to the information stored within it.

Instructions: Choose the scent that you're working with based on the specific intention and then lightly spray it a few times into the air. This will cleanse and clear the room. Another option is to spray yourself from the top of your head to your feet. Breathe the aroma in and notice how your mood can shift as the scent interacts with your brain chemistry. You can also Holy Water as a hand sanitizer. Have fun and use your intuition as you decide how you want to work with the Holy Water.

Ingredients: distilled water, a proprietary blend of organic essential oils, resins, spices and grape spirits

Auric Shield 

This blend is an Auric Shield, supporting you to have clear energetic boundaries between your aura and others. As an ally to spray throughout the day, whether in a city or crowded place, it provides focus and safety when coming into contact with unseen electric and magnetic fields.


To Earth, is to ground. This blend will help you deepen your presence into the fullness of your physical body and connect you with the resources of Mother Gaia.

Go with the Flow

Slow down and get out of your own way, a combination of trust and faith to move from a place of inspiration rather than motivation. This blend aids cultivation of a feminine receptive state in which our actions are quite effortlessly in alignment with the flow of life as it moves through us.

Heart Opening

Receive a gentle blanket for an open heart as this blend reminds us that everything is always working out for our divine highest good.


With its specific combination of clearing ingredients, this blend may lift the fog and purify the energy around you. As purification is essential in daily life, this cleansing aid can clear unwanted energies that sometimes go unseen.

Retired Empath

Blended with the intent of starting with empathy for yourself first, this spray gives you the ability to move from a place of authenticity, to fill your cup and connect with others from the overflow. For those who are in service to other souls' journeys, Retired Empath encourages the release of enmeshment and unconscious absorption of others' energy.

Sweet Dreams

This before bedtime blend, takes you to a restful night's sleep, allowing you to relax, release tension, stress, and anxiety. Long-term insomnia or infrequent restlessness may now be tended.


Fresh herbal teas are used to enhance mood and have a multitude of health benefits. Tea has been used as a form of medicine for centuries and was gifted to our western culture by the east, the masters of tea.

Instructions: Sit and soak in the feeling of the warmth emanating from the cup into your hands, breath in the divine aroma, then gently sip as it warms your insides.

Brain Power

The brain power blend is a carefully crafted range of natural brain boosting herbs used to help enhance your memory and stimulate your mind.

Sample Sizes Available...$12

Divine Feminine

Aids as a connection between your inner Yin energy of ease, flow, intuition, surrender and wisdom. Essential for every goddess.

Higher Self

Connect to your extra sensory gifts and the ability to trust your inner knowing. Rather than rely solely on the limitations of the logical mind, tap into the great awareness that comes from being attuned to your higher self.

Open Heart

This blend is specifically created to help regulate the heart function on many levels. The open heart tea blend contains many amazing ingredients that both address the physical and spiritual/emotional subtleties of the heart.

Sweet Dreams

Perfect for those looking to get a restful night sleep. This blend allows you to relax and release tension, stress, and anxiety while at the same time releasing any energy that does not belong to you. It will ground you as well as bring you back into alignment. Great for those suffering from long term insomnia or who just have infrequent restlessness.

Sample Sizes...$12

Soul Retrieval

This blend can be used to anchor into your heart and call your energy back to yourself. Calm and clear the heart, mind and soul with an afternoon ritual of enjoying this tea.

Surprise Blend

A blend of mixed herbs. 


Drinking this blend of powerful antioxidant herbs can boost the immune and nervous system, relieve anxiety, and help prevent illness. Tea has been used as a form of medicine for centuries and was gifted to our western culture by the east, the masters of tea.


For those lovers of Tulsi tea, one of the most beautiful adaptogenic herbs that is included in most of our blends. We are offering this single herb mixed in variations that include rose, jasmine, green tea, and black tea. Discover your new favorite!


(2 oz.) Fresh St. John's Wort infused in extra virgin olive oil doused in organic grape alcohol for preservation. 

Infused under the Leo New Moon to create a healing rich red herbal oil. A powerful and uplifting flower, this blessed plant is a wound healer and skin cell regenerator. This oil is a perfect end of summer ally with its wound healing, sunburn and nerve remedying abilities. 

After bathing, gently rub into the skin with the intention of letting your inner light shine.


This tincture is created with our beloved adaptogen friend, Tulsi. Also known as Holy Basil, Tulsi is a potent nervous system support. Its adaptogenic qualities calm the nervous system when experiencing lethargy and energize when experiencing lethargy. As a tincture this herbal ally is supportive for the body and spirit, for it soothes our systems enough to welcome in greater guidance. A wonderful ally for lifting the spirit and grounding. Made with Tulsi harvested from Resonance Apothecary’s garden.

Ingredients: Organic neutral spirits, Tulsi (Holy Basil) leaves and flowers.


Fresh St. John's Wort, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Grape Alcohol 


Chamomile has been used as a traditional medicine for thousands of years to calm anxiety and settle stomachs. It is one of the most ancient medicinal herbs known. It is made with organic vegetable glycerin and is alcohol free.

Use it in tea, water, lotions or take a tablespoon a day. 


Glycerin, Chamomile 


Etheric Gardening Flower Essence Set...$111

Deepen your relationship with the Elementals, Devas, and Nature Spirits with our Etheric Gardening Flower Essence Set Featuring 12 flower essences with transmissions and divine blueprints for reciprocity, vitality and interdependence.

Including: Pink Yarrow, Nicotiana, Cerato, Morning Glory, Jasmine, Bleeding Heart, Evening Primrose, Impatiens, Lavender, California Wild Rose, White Hibiscus 

Retired Empath...$62

Enjoy the set of our Retired Empath line, which includes a Retired Empath Holy Water Vibrational Spray, Spiritual oil and Flower Remedy. This line is blended with the intention that we know how to fully enjoy and feel our own feelings. The patterns of Empath people pleasing are ready to be transmuted. Retired Empath is about being in integrity and embodying one’s wholeness. It’s possible to compassionately hold space for others without suppressing your own needs. We can feel in sync with another person without becoming lost in the other person’s experience.

1 (1oz) Retired Empath Holy Water

1 (1oz) Retired Empath Flower Remedy

Retired Empath Spiritual Oil Bottle

Intuition Flower Essence Set...$111

A six flower essence bundle for an exploration of intuition, perception and clear seeing. You may work with them one at a time (4 drops 4x a day under the tongue or in water) or trust your intuition and allow the flowers to guide you on your journey inward. 

This set includes:

  • Queen Anne's Lace teaches us to balance physical senses and soul consciousness while helping us to avoid psychic projection. 
  • Forget Me Not strengthens your relationships with your guides, angels and deceased loved ones while simultaneously deepening human connection.
  • Rue facilitates greater inner clarity and control of psychic gifts.
  • Clary Sage offers vision and clarity while helping us to root ourselves in our highest destiny timeline.
  • Cerato encourages us to trust ourselves and to break patterns of doubt and uncertainty.
  • Cosmos a remedy for coherent thought and communication, the Cosmos flower essence helps us to channel our truth with precision.
  • Empty bottle and instructions to make your own custom remedy
  • Palo Santo
  • Intuitive Knowing Affirmations

Resin Burner Sampler Set...$46

Included in this set is (one) fire safe gold burner that includes a wooden plate it can be placed on to protect surfaces. This burner is intended to be used to hold the charcoal and resins. You will also receive a charcoal set and three samples of our handcrafted resin blends of Angelic, Paradise and Purification.

Gift Sizes 

Spiritual Oils...$10

Spiritual oil is a blend of essential oils with the addition of flowers, fragrant herbs, gums, resins, seeds, spices, roots, and other botanicals used to carry the energy of an intention.Essential oils are selected based on traditional folk magic recipes and intuitive sensibilities containing calming and medicinal attributes.

Work with spiritual oils through aromatherapy, diffusing them, adding a few drops to a bath, anointing objects, and dressing candles.

Ingredients: Almond Oil & Blend of Organic Essential Oils. 


Blended to remind us that our awakening is embodied through our relationship to the natural world. Plant spirits such as Cedarwood and Rose regulate the nervous system through deep grounding and heart opening medicine.

Higher Self

Will help connect you to your extra sensory gifts and the ability to trust your inner knowing. Rather than rely solely on the limitations of the logical mind tap into the great awareness that comes from being attuned to your higher self. Notes of Lavender and Marjoram.

Soul Mates

Assists in the recollection that you came here with a group of beings who are your soul family. This will activate the intention to find one another and begin celebrating your shared earthly mission. Notes of marjoram and sandalwood.

Soul Retrieval

Supports in calling your energy back, knowing true self worth, overcoming draining insecurities, being able to speak your truth, along with following your own inner guidance. Notes of orange and bergamot.

Sweet Dreams

A before bedtime blend is supportive for a restful night sleep. Relax and release tension and stress while releasing any energy that does not belong to you. Grounding and aligning. Notes of Lemongrass and lavender.

Surprise Blend 

Spiritual Bath...$8

A spiritual bath blend utilizes herbs, salts, and essential oils. The purpose of a spiritual bath is to cleanse yourself from the inside out.

The use of a spiritual bath signals that you are willing to listen to your Higher Self. Your state of mind while entering this ritual bath should be one of pure intent and openness to release what is not serving you back to the earth to be transformed.

Ingredients: Epsom salts, organic herb blend, organic blend of essential oils.

Divine Remembrance 

Remember the I, in I am, as this combination readjusts you into the peace and sacredness in everything.

Ingredients: Chamomile, Lavender, Rose Petals, Lavender Essential Oil


Freakuency: Allow the essence of Patchouli to radiate through your thighs, activating your sacral in all its primordial life force energy. Attune to the creator within you that came to create with and through life.

Ingredients: : Calendula, Patchouli, Patchouli Essential Oil


Clear and rejuvenate to the vitality that is you at core being as this blend dispels any blockages, resistance, and conditioned energies that no longer belong to you.

Ingredients: Rosemary, Sage, Eucalyptus, Rosemary Essential Oil