Intuition Flower Essence Set
Intuition Flower Essence Set

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Intuition Flower Essence Set

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A six flower essence bundle for an exploration of intuition, perception and clear seeing. You may work with them one at a time (4 drops 4x a day under the tongue or in water) or trust your intuition and allow the flowers to guide you on your journey inward. 

This set includes:

  • Queen Anne's Lace teaches us to balance physical senses and soul consciousness while helping us to avoid psychic projection. 
  • Forget Me Not strengthens your relationships with your guides, angels and deceased loved ones while simultaneously deepening human connection.
  • Rue facilitates greater inner clarity and control of psychic gifts.
  • Clary Sage offers vision and clarity while helping us to root ourselves in our highest destiny timeline.
  • Cerato encourages us to trust ourselves and to break patterns of doubt and uncertainty.
  • Cosmos a remedy for coherent thought and communication, the Cosmos flower essence helps us to channel our truth with precision.
  • Empty bottle and instructions to make your own custom remedy
  • Palo Santo
  • Intuitive Knowing Affirmations 

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