The Subtle Art of Relationship Dynamics Kit
The Subtle Art of Relationship Dynamics Kit
The Subtle Art of Relationship Dynamics Kit
The Subtle Art of Relationship Dynamics Kit
The Subtle Art of Relationship Dynamics Kit
The Subtle Art of Relationship Dynamics Kit
The Subtle Art of Relationship Dynamics Kit

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The Subtle Art of Relationship Dynamics Kit

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The Subtle Art of Relationship Dynamics Kit

When thinking of relationships, intimacy, and connection, we may rely on frameworks such as attachment styles and love languages to create more understanding and meaning for how we engage with others. However, there is a deeper and more subtle layer of engagement in relationship dynamics that is communicated through our energy, our auras, and our subtle bodies that may contain outdated patterns and dynamics that no longer serve us.

This thoughtfully curated kit of 6 flower essences is created in tandem with our The Subtle Art of Relationship Dynamics course to help transform and support having healthy, boundaried, and loving relationships to ourselves and those around us.

Flowers included in the kit:

  • Pink Hollyhock Flower Essence: This ally represents the ability we have to transform our relationship dynamics through gentleness, kindness and love rather than conflict. Specifically it releases strategies such as people pleasing, codependency, enmeshing or matching energy
  • Bleeding Heart Flower Essence: For those who tend to hold onto others and take on the pain and suffering of those around them. Bleeding Heart provides heart cleansing and a call to return to self love and caring for our own heart
  • Goldenrod Flower Essence: For those needing social approval and unsure of one’s own values, Goldenrod helps you find your backbone by fortifying presence through your spine, central channel and all of your chakras. This alignment is required for sovereignty, individuality and living your own truth, despite circumstances and external pressure to conform
  • Garlic Flower Essence: An essence for clearing psychic vampires and parasites. Provides safe passage for astral travel & channeling. Releases toxicity in the etheric body and nervous system. Clears thought forms and invasive spirits that create fear, distress and paranoia
  • Pink Yarrow Flower Essence: For those who struggle being in touch with their own feelings and tend to lose themselves in relationships, Pink Yarrow assists us with creating and maintaining appropriate emotional boundaries. A great remedy for encouraging deepened capacity for confidence in one’s self and fortification of one’s auric field
  • Mallow Flower Essence: An ally that remedies shyness and social isolation. It helps us to open up in mutual reciprocity and remember our belonging. Mallow aids in dissolving  social barriers, encouraging warmth in relationships, returning us to life’s embrace and finding our rhythm with intimacy

Also included in the kit:

  • Relationship affirmations
  • Flower essence information card
  • 1 empty 1oz bottle (create your own custom remedy)
  • Packaged and shipped in our Garden of the Beloved box

Instructions: The standard dosage for Flower Essences is four drops, four times daily. You may also mix these drops in a glass of water to sip throughout the day, add them to a bath ritual, or spray around it around your aura you as you would a Holy Water.