Tender Heart Elixir
Tender Heart Elixir
Tender Heart Elixir
Tender Heart Elixir
Tender Heart Elixir

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Tender Heart Elixir

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This elixir supports us in feeling into a frequency of love that is distinct in tenderness and innocence. It helps open our hearts to loving connections that are supportive, kind, and boundaried.


An infusion of honey, organic apple cider vinegar, dried rose petals, lavender, chamomile, and lemon balm. Also includes the following essences for tender and loving support:

Phlox Flower Essence:   remedy for divine appointments. This flower helps us to align with our destiny through our relations, supporting us to recognize and come into community with our spiritual kin. Provides release from codependent tendencies. 

Tender Rose Flower Essence Represents a particular frequency of love that is distinct in tenderness, innocence and rare beauty. It can be associated with the feeling of being kissed by an Angel or touched by some celestial sweetness. It has the quality of feeling at home.

Golden Yarrow Flower EssenceThis flower essence is particularly supportive for highly sensitive people who want to maintain social engagement without overstimulation. 

Gold Gemstone Essence Confidence, strong sense of self and will power, Solar Plexus support and healer.



Blended with corresponding plant allies, Resonance Apothecary Tinctures are excellent medicinal support for activating immunity. Tinctures are concentrated herbal extracts created by soaking plant matter in alcohol. This process extracts the medicinal qualities of the herb for more potent use.

They are shelf-stable dietary supplements whose effects vary depending on the specific herbs included in the tincture. Resonance Apothecary Tinctures are blended to support a wide range of wellness intentions, including immunity resilience, emotional balancing and nervous system support. Use with reverence, and enjoy the harmonization and fortification offered by these medicines.


Shake bottle to mix. Add 2 dropperfuls of the liquid in warm, still, or sparkling water. You can also take it directly/orally. Use elixir daily or as needed to harmonize, mind, body and soul.