Resin Burner Sample Set
Resin Burner Sample Set
Resin Burner Sample Set

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Resin Burner Sample Set

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Included in this set is (one) fire safe gold burner that includes a wooden plate it can be placed on to protect surfaces. This burner is intended to be used to hold the charcoal and resins. You will also receive charcoals and three samples of our handcrafted resin blends that includes sample sizes of Angelic, Paradise and Purification blend.


Purification or smudging resins can be used to clear, purify, and open up the space to prepare for offering, prayer, channeling, or meditation. This is a sacred act that involves mindfulness and the remembering of plants, animals, the four directions, ancestors, and nature.


  1. Ready your charcoal incense burner or fire safe container.
  2. Fill the burner 3/4 with small rocks, sand, ash or dirt to absorb the heat.
  3. Light the charcoal tablet
  4. Using tongs if you have them to hold the charcoal, apply flame to the edge of the charcoal disc with a lighter or candle for about 20 seconds.
  5. You should notice the charcoal gently sparkle, crackle and pop as it self-ignites across its surface. Place the tablet into the burner, directly onto the rocks/sand/dirt.
  6. Allow at least 3 minutes for the charcoal to heat up, as it warms a layer of gray ash will form around the tablet.
  7. If your tablet fails to ignite, try again. If your charcoal is old or has been opened for a prolonged period of time it may have expired. Start with a fresh roll.
  8. Now that the charcoal is heated, place a few pieces of resin onto the tablet and allow to burn.
  9. The aromatic resin incense will be released into the smoke. Add more resin as needed.
  10. The charcoal should stay heated for about 20 minutes.
  11. Clean Up - Allow charcoal, ash and resin to completely cool before disposing. When in doubt, dowse with water.