Mt Shasta Land Essence

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Mt Shasta Land Essence

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Mt Shasta Land Essence:

This land essence was created with love, prayer and intention at Mt Shasta, California. This mountain is considered by many stewards and grid workers to be the Earth's root chakra. Often referred to as the place where Heaven and Earth meet.

The mountain was historically an important landmark along the trade routes. It supports developing a stronger root system, especially while simultaneously raising your consciousness. It reminds us that ascending also requires descending. When you are in survival, many of your needs can feel life or death. When you start thriving you start to give yourself permission to receive more of what you actually want. Your ideas of safety, belonging, stability and security may have been rooted in fear. But taking a big step in your root chakra offers you more peace, harmony and contentment. When we start thriving one of our core desires becomes releasing the fantasy or the escapism and actually living in reality.

In addition to the majestic mountain there are nearby waterfalls that are nature to purify and disintegrate negative and contaminated thought patterns who also contributed to its medicine. Land essences in general provide us with a snapshot of an entire ecosystem. 


Land essences are used in a therapeutic way to call the person into energetic alignment and address different issues of well-being. Like the earth itself, land essences support us in building resilience as a foundation for life. They have been called into being to support in restructuring, anchoring and stabilizing frequencies for those who are called to work in this realm. When we work with land essences, we are better able to work within the shifting of the seasons of our lives. Life, death and rebirth of patterns, habits and being-ness become easier to navigate.


The standard dosage is four drops, four times daily. You may mix these drops in a glass of water to sip throughout the day, add them to a bath ritual or to enhance homemade misting sprays.