Fennel Flower Essence
Fennel Flower Essence

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Fennel Flower Essence

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Fennel Flower Essence - For improving and fine tuning your learning process and the flow of how you assimilate information. Unlike the Onion spiritual learning framework where the soul revisits a theme or karmic lesson over and over, the Doctrine of Signatures of Fennel suggests that different levels and dimensions of learning are happening simultaneously outside of linear time.

Fennel also encourages us to shift out of those quick hit things that get you high. Such as chasing dopamine relationships or spiritual experiences and prioritizing loving into ones that are actually nourishing and give you what you need to thrive. The strategies you utilized to survive will be the very thing that holds you back when you actually start thriving.


Flower Essences are composed of the vibrational imprint of plants. They carry the flower's unique life force expression and activate specific healing qualities within the human energy fields of the body. Essences are herbal infusions of flower medicine, blessed by sunlight and vibrationally charged water. Each flower has an energy signature that can support us to embody our well-being.

Floral medicine helps regulate our nervous system and deepen the connection to our energy field. These essences can be used to self-regulate, supporting our emotions into balance and harmony while healing the subtle body. Flower essences remind us that consistency of the relationship to the medicine, in small amounts, is what activates our emotional shift.


The standard dosage is four drops, four times daily. You may mix these drops in a glass of water to sip throughout the day, add them to a bath ritual or to enhance homemade misting sprays.