Flower Essence Set Etheric Gardening
Flower Essence Set Etheric Gardening
Flower Essence Set Etheric Gardening

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Flower Essence Set Etheric Gardening

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Etheric Gardening ™ is not focused on perfection but it is more so concerned with creating the possibility for expressing the very essence of what is unique within each of us. We will be developing our telepathic channels and our earth clairvoyance. These skills are what will support us in being able to work, with permission, intimately with Elementals, Devas, and Nature Spirits. 

We are all conduits and divine instruments of the universal mind as emanators, conductors and architects. As we come more into harmony, resonance, and attunement we will then turn our practice outward to offer this work and healing back to the Earth. This is the season where you lay claim to your life and begin planting all that you wish to see. 


 In this curated kit you will receive the following 7.5ml Flower Essences;

Pink Yarrow Essence

Energy Transmission: Reciprocity 

This flower essence assists us in creating and maintaining appropriate emotional boundaries as it expands the capacity for confidence and strength within one's auric field.

Nicotiana Essence

Energy Transmission: Vitality

Cultivate inner peace as this flower helps us extend into embodied equanimity through rooted connections in the chords of the earth.

Cerato Essence

Energy Transmission: Hello

Honor the truth as this remedy grants support in making defined decisions with ease for people who lack faith in their judgment.

Violet Essence

Energy Transmission: Universal Akashic

Highly evolved and fragile souls rest easy with the assistance of Violet as they retain the refined and tender qualities of your feminine beauty while you explore self-liberation, expression, and individuation.

Morning Glory Essence

Energy Transmission: Red and Pink Earth Prana

Balance out the scales as this essence rejuvenates our spirit and allows us to feel revitalized and in tune with nature and its life melodies.

Jasmine Essence

Energy Transmission: Serpent Fire

Unhook stagnant and outdated energetic patterns as you identify and release intentionally with the supporting hand of Jasmine. This flower activates the potent God/Goddess within us all, as it makes the unconscious conscious and empowers us to see ourselves with softness when past narratives or experiences come to the surface.

Bleeding Heart Essence 

Energy Transmission: Interconnectedness 

This Flower essence appears like a backbone nourishing and honoring the self while offering emotional freedom to love others as we cleanse and keep our hearts open.

Evening Primrose Essence

Energy Transmission: Wonder and Joy

As feelings of rejection dissolve, Primrose, like the delicacy of dusk, encourages us to remain emotionally open while trusting our inner and outer voice. This Flower essence brings forth awareness as we release and heal bruised emotions, incarnational wounds, and imprints absorbed from childhood.

Impatiens Essence

Energy Transmission: Solar Energy

Trust the pace of divine timing as this essence works to enhance our focus, composure, and faith in the unfolding of the process. Inner tension fades as one flows harmoniously.

Lavender Essence

Energy Transmission: Flow

This flower essence anoints us with spiritual sensitivity and highly refined awareness as it slows down and calms our nervous system. A divine plant alley as support in times of conflict, Lavender allows us to break karmic cycles with another soul or evolve the current vows and agreements we have with them.

California Wild Rose Essence

Energy Transmission: Interdependence

California Wild Roses’ healing gesture is for us to relax, let go of struggle, and allow ourselves to unfold and bloom. This essence guides us with enthusiasm as being in service to yourself is being in service to others.

Hibiscus Essence

Energy Transmission: Present Time

The power of this essence is in the energizing of the first and second chakras as it unwinds blockages in the lower back and spine, heals reproductive ailments, releases lack of feelings, and acts as a balm for long-held scars of sexual trauma.