Embodiment Box (Hey Fran Hey Collaboration)
Embodiment Box (Hey Fran Hey Collaboration)

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Embodiment Box (Hey Fran Hey Collaboration)

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This is a limited edition collaboration box created by Resonance Apothecary and HeyFranHey that includes one 1 oz. holy water + one 5 ml spiritual oil with notes of Neroli, Petitgrain and Hyssop. Please note this order will ship four weeks from order date. 

Embodiment is the ultimate union of mind, body and spirit. It is the opportunity to bring all of the lessons we have learned into the body to become the new version of ourselves. Oftentimes different energy states overlay the true self so much that we believe they are who we are. We then experience chronic emotional states. Embodiment is having the courage to trust oneself enough to break the cycle of past influences and set out on one’s own path. The more of your light you embody the more powerful you become.

This particular blend is about developing positive sensitivity and is for people who:
  • are on a heroic struggle and attract others that need support at the detriment of their own souls journey
  • accept abuse while in the role of serving others
  • have a good nature that leads them to doing more than their own share of work
  • help others at the expense of their own well being
  • are good natured, but unassertive niceaholics, people pleasers, overgivers or "doormats”
  • tend to make themselves small
  • are overly empathic to the point that others use them
  • give in for the sake of peace
  • find it difficult to assert their own will
  • need social approval
  • are overly influenced by groups and are easily susceptible to peer pressure
  • listen too much to the opinions of others
  • are too easily influenced by the outside forces
  • psychically bleed or merge with the surrounding emotional environment
  • people don't have a good, confident sense of self, so look to complete themselves in relationship to other people.
  • end up in imbalanced relationships where they "give too much" and try to solve other peoples problems
  • need to find the courage to trust their mistakes and to learned from their past.


You can lightly spray a few times into the air in the room as a way to cleanse and clear the space.

You can spray around yourself from the top of your head to your feet.

Take a couple of drops of the spiritual oil into your hands and breathe aroma in,

Notice how your mood shifts as the scent interacts with your brain chemistry.

You may also want to gently massage the oil into different parts of your body.

If you're working in ceremony you may choose to bless some of your sacred objects. Have fun and use your intuition.