Love Languages Rose Medicine Box

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Love Languages Rose Medicine Box

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Our Love Languages Collection is an ode to the mysticism of the beloved rose. This flower is one of the best known allies for the heart. It is a powerful symbol of love, courage, adoration, purity, sisterhood and feminine energy. They have been used for millennia for beauty, pleasure, in food and healing, in rituals and more. As a plant medicine, it is known to be a cooling nervine.

They have the honor of holding the highest vibration. It is claimed that roses vibrate at a frequency of 320 MHz., higher than any other plant or gemstone on the planet. Vibrationally rose purifies the heart and cleanses false or distorted thought forms of love that attached themselves to us. 

Rose nourishes our emotional body. When we are feeling indifferent and disconnected, rose gently reminds us of our joy for life again. It assists us with operating through our hearts desires and away from any distractions that keep us from embodiment.  It encourages vitality to flow and revives our internal devotion for life.

** Please not this box does not come with a Rose Remedy but a choice of 1 Rose Flower Essence. **

This limited edition box includes: 

    • Rose Glycerite  3.3 Fl Oz:   Rose is a heart remedying herb, as a glycerite it acts as a mild nervine, calming anxiety and easing heart ache.  

    • Rose Quartz Gemstone Essence 1 oz: An essence made from the vibrational imprint of Rose Quartz. Softening, unclenching, allowing. Attunes you to the pink prana ranges of the Earth, gently grounding through yin forces. Radiating love and joy from the Heart. Heart Cleanser. Second Center recalibration. Rehydrates Crown.

    • Love Languages Rose Flower Essence 1 oz: The Love Languages Flower Essence Collection features roses from the Resonance Apothecary garden, with different colors holding their own unique vibrations of the mystical rose. These rose essences carry the energy of the rose’s unique life force expression and activate specific healing qualities within the energy fields of the human body.

*Please choose your choice of the love language rose flower essence in the notes at checkout.*